Sarah Stark's True Spirit Comes to Light in "Ghost"

Sarah Stark’s powerhouse vocals and soulful songs are not to be missed. Her lyrics are heartbreakingly candid, and her melodies are hard to keep out of your head. In the footprints of Adele, Billie Eilish, and Amy Winehouse, she showcases the same lyrical vulnerability and confidence that the women who inspire her to embody. Being influenced by not only their musicality, but general badass personas, Sarah Stark has now embraced the spunk and sass that she used to get put down for.

The bedroom Pop essence of her most recent single “Ghost,” has us intrigued by the versatility that she eagerly professes.

Lining each word with a harmony that allows her wide vocal range to be showcased at every occasion, the way Sarah Stark’s sultry timbres infiltrate your mind is uncanny.

The instrumentation of “Ghost,” carries a minimalistic approach as the fortified elements exposed allow her unmatched vocal performance to be centered in the mix with a spotlight beaming down on her techniques. As we indulge ourselves in the seamless progression of this single, the dark hues simmer in a shadowy avenue of unapologetic traits that seem to be natural for the bold Sarah Stark.

Dipping into the way that the mesmerizing chorus comes to the surface, lyrical motifs such as ‘you’re a ghost love, you creep around at night,’ have us falling over backward for this double entendre that sends a sense of confidence through our veins as we know someone just got caught in the act of lying. Floating layers of distortion upon the spirited croons she gleams, we adore the texture that is dispersed through “Ghost,” as we get to see various angles of the emerging Pop artist illuminate.

Using her daring persona as her superpower, Sarah Stark has us humming along to “Ghost,” long after the song comes to halt.

Congratulations on the release of “Ghost.” We love the dark tones that come to light in this single! Could you please take us into where you drew your inspiration for this track?

Thank you so much! I definitely drew a lot of inspiration from Billie Eilish for this track in terms of the dark tone and production. At the time, I had just been ‘ghosted’ by 3 different people in the span of 2 weeks, and I was feeling pretty down on my dating life. I wanted to write a song that played off of the idea of ‘ghosting’ and had a sorta spooky feeling to it. I really wanted to turn the sort of unfortunate situation I had found myself in and make something fun and a little cheeky out of it.

Did you find it any easier or more difficult creative process to dive into when crafting this song? How does that compare to other projects released?

This song actually came pretty easily when I was writing. One of my closest friends, Maddie King, had come over to talk about my recent dating troubles, and being a fellow songwriter, we naturally just decided to write about our feelings. She laid down some really cool chords, and we started riffing on this spooky theme I had come up with. I find when I am writing on my own, I can sometimes get caught up in my own head and get stuck on my words, but when I am co-writing I tend to lose my ego and really focus on what serves the song best. Every song is different though. Some are a labor of love, and others just seem to flow. I definitely find it easier though when I have a clear concept, and the feelings are fresh.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes explored in “Ghost?"

I honestly would love my audience to walk away from this song feeling like a badass who doesn’t need anyone but themselves. The song was written when I was feeling really sorry for myself, but the process of writing it helped me discover that it’s the ‘ghost’ who’s losing out, and not me. I want my audience to know that they are all worth being given a chance, and if someone wants to ‘ghost’ them and leave without a trace, then that’s the ‘ghosts’ loss, not theirs.

You are on a mission to inspire others to be their truest selves. Do you find that this comes forth in both the music you release and your brand as an artist?

Growing up, I was always a quirky and weird kid. When I hit my teens, I became hyper-aware that I was different, and that b being different was NOT cool. This set me on a path of desperately wanting to fit in, and in the process making myself miserable. A couple of years ago, when I started taking my music career seriously, I also decided to work on being as authentic to myself as possible and not care what others thought. That was a really hard process, and I was uncomfortable at so many stages, but I am the happiest I have ever been because I know that I am now living to be my truest self. I hope my audience can hear that in my music and see it in my brand. Everything I put out needs to be something I can absolutely stand behind with no doubt, and I am really proud of that.

What's next for you?

Hopefully big things! Right now I am just focusing on pushing ‘Ghost’ as far as it can go, but I would love to go on tour once everything has settled and lived shows start opening up more too. I have made so many fantastic connections online over this past year, and I can’t wait to meet everyone in person! I also have plans to release my follow-up single to ‘Ghost’ toward the end of Summer 2021, so be on the lookout for that!