Sarah Tomlinson Has Our Undivided Attention on Latest Release; "In My Hand"

Poetry and harmony collide on "In My Hand" by Sarah Tomlinson. Resonating ghostly calls envelop the listener as "In My Hand" slowly unveils itself to the listener. Coming to us from Toronto Canada, Sarah Tomlinson is an 18-year-old vocal bombshell. Following her instincts, she's perfectly settled in Toronto's buzzing music industry, making her stance with powerfully driven female vocals.

"In My Hand" picks up the pace with a heart-thumping beat and a playful ticking percussion, and a thunderous introduction to Sarah's spellbinding vocals. Sarah's voice is as smooth as crushed velvet, her vocal delivery is luxurious, like a perfectly crafted Vesper Martini. "In My Hand" weaves in and out of ghostly aura that struggles to deal with the concept of saying a "final goodbye," lost in the space in between heartbreak and happiness. The sleek, melodramatic drumming that appears throughout the instrumental composition gives you the same chills as Phil Collin's drumming on "In the Air Tonight." The synthesized harmonies resonating throughout, adds to the spectral energy of the track, as Sarah's voice commands each and every aspect of sound. "In My Hand" has certainly entranced us, and we are certain all of our BuzzMusic listeners will be too. Make sure you watch for "In My Hand" on our Spotify playlists.

Discover "In My Hand" here.

Hello Sarah, it's great to chat with you at BuzzMusic. How are you feeling after releasing your latest single; "I'm My Hands?" I'm feeling quite good about my release. I've gotten a lot of good feedback from people. It was the first song I ever wrote so I'm happy it's doing well.  The track is a real vibe, it gives off a ghostly aura and powerful vocal displays. Can you tell us a bit more about the themes you infused into "In My Hand?" I wrote In My Hand about a person who is incapable of loving and who knows it. A lot of people ask me "who is this about?" or "Are you heartless or are you talking about someone else?". That's what I like about the song. It gets people thinking and no one really knows the personal meaning of the song but me. I think it's pretty relatable because a lot of people have encountered someone who seemed heartless. Some people can even feel heartless after going through experiences. There are many ways you can look at it.  You mentioned you considered taking a different career path other than music? Can you explain why choosing a career in music was right for you? I'm currently studying journalism and only recently started taking music seriously. I always thought it would be a waste of time because I'd never make it. I still kept performing at my high school and doing music every day though. As soon as I started writing my own songs, that's when everything clicked. I realize it's really competitive and that I may never "make it". But somehow, that isn't stopping me anymore. I'm just going to keep making music while still in school. 

Choosing a career in music feels right to me because ever since I was a kid, I've been writing songs. I'm just such an emotional, over-dramatic person and I need an outlet to release all my emotions and music is exactly that for me. It's almost like no matter how hard I try, I will never stop immersing myself in music and that's why it's right for me. I'll always sing, write songs and perform for people. I'm an artist and I NEED to tell my story.  What's the music community look like in Toronto Canada, and how has your music been influenced by it?

Because I've just started making music, I'm not THAT familiar with the Toronto music community. There's definitely a lot of producers, songwriters, and artists out there. My goal is to make those connections because as of now, I haven't. 

I think a lot of music from Toronto is very viby and chill so that's exactly how I want my music to sound. Nevertheless, I want to distinguish myself from other people so I also like writing inspirational songs.

What's next for you?

I have an EP coming soon which I'm IMMENSELY excited about. I'm also participating in Canada's largest singer-songwriter competition, "Sing for the Shot: Remastered". 

The competition is meant to show Canadian independent singer-songwriters what it's like to audition for a record label, according to its website. Past contestants succeeded in reaching 800,000 streams on Spotify and performing at Boots and Hearts, NXNE, and Ottawa Bluesfest. Some also opened for Jim Cuddy, Tyler Shaw, Buffy Saint-Marie, Our Lady Peace, and made broadcast appearances on season 2 of CTV’s The Launch. 

Overall, I'd say I'm just starting out with music. I'm still discovering myself, my sound, and my image. It's a work-in-progress and seeing how much I've grown since the start of my EP in January, who knows where I'll be in a year's time. I'm just trying to put in the work, learn from my mistakes, and keep growing.