Sashaaa Releases Her Catchy Rythmic Hit "Mezanmi"

Independent artist Sashaaa, born in Miami, Florida, and partially raised on the native island Haiti, has had a strong passion for music since the age of 4 where she was singing and putting on shows for her family. It wasn't until 2016 where she began to record her music professionally with background vocals, which later blossomed to her original work. 2019 was an exceptional year including her artwork being put up for sale and becoming a professional artist and singer. With this came paid performances which lead to the development of her brand. Influenced not only from well-known artists but also through the sounds of her culture. Sasha has a unique way of blending her Caribbean sound with Afro, R&B, and Pop. Sashaaa uses her music to portray a character that is a very positive and empowering woman. She hopes her music brings positive vibes and smiles to everyone along with inspirations and getting people up and dancing.

"Mezanmi" is a very catchy rhythmic song with vocals on the point that'll have you swaying and dancing to the music while keeping it on repeat. Sashaaas’ voice is no surprise given the title of the song. For those of you who don’t know, "Mezanmi" is a Haitian expression for exclaiming surprise and interjecting excitement. She not only has a fun personality but also can seamlessly hold a broad vocal range. The outfit was worn by Sashaaa resembles some of her biggest influences including Beyonce and Shakira. I appreciate her incorporating a Caribbean feel to her music video which adds both a playful and exotic feel to her music. Listen to "Mezanmi" here.


Hey Sashaaa, it’s great to have you here on BuzzMusic. We love your positive energy and vibe. What were some of the first background vocals you worked on earlier in your career?

My first recording studio experience doing background vocals I was living in Boston for undergrad. There I met local rappers who I became friends with. Upon disclosing my aspirations of being a recording artist they took the opportunity for me to collaborate on the music they were working on. After hearing my voice they were eager to add my sultry harmonies to their work. Their work was later streamed on SoundCloud. 

Given that “Mezanmi” is Haitian slang, can you explain what this word means to you and the deeper meaning of it in your song?

I’m Haitian and we speak French Creole which is broken, French. A lot of people confuse Creole and French because of how close the languages are. The biggest difference I find is that Creole is way easier and simple. For example, one word can have many meanings. Mezanmi is an expression that is used quite often in our diction. Mezanmi mostly means (Oh my goodness), but can also mean What!, are u crazy, no way, o lord etc. In the song, I wanted to empathize hate but also emphasize self-love and that expression was perfect. 

Given that you like to combine Caribbean sound with Afro, R&B, and Pop, can we expect to see any other genres added into your music?

I love creating and I love blending genres together it’s magical. I hope to continue expanding my palette as I continue my journey, but in the future, I hope to study jazz and add that element into my music. 

Who has been the biggest influence on you in creating your sound and personal character? How has this developed over the years?

Wow, Beyoncé Beyoncé Beyoncé. She has been not only my biggest role model in music but in character as well.  Beyoncé creates everything, pop, R&B, Afro, country. Like if that’s not an icon I don’t know what is. She is the true definition of what feminism and empowerment is. She carries herself gracefully and humbled. There’s just so much people can learn from her music-related or not. And of course, she is a music genius. A powerhouse, a legend. Ever since I was 6 I remember just dancing and singing to her. She is not only the artist but the woman I strive to be. Now as a professional artist, her influence impacts my sultry sounds my melodies and runs. Her influence reminds me I am capable of creating anything and being anything I want to be. 

Thanks for chatting with us. We are super excited to hear more. Where can fans go to see your performances live?

Fans can follow my Instagram @sashaaaaj and Twitter @sashaaaaaj for performance updates as well as my YouTube channel for live videos Sashaaa J. Thank you so much.