Scott Rocco Has Finally Released His Heartfelt Single “Fight for You”, and We’re in Love

Award-winning indie rock singer/songwriter Scott Rocco has released his latest soulful and empowering “Fight For You”. Performing since he was a teenager in Westchester, NY, Scott Rocco was influenced by icons like; The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, and other artists’s/groups on the rock and roll spectrum. New York is highly anticipating the release of his debut album “IGNITED”, set for fall of 2020. Scott has overcome a great deal of adversity and noted that “Fight For You” is his most personal work yet. With incredible optimism and an inspiring message, Scott Rocco has perfected lyrical storytelling in all it’s forms.

An inspiring heartfelt song, “Fight For You” provides clear harmonious vocals and a variety of guitars backing up the emotion of the song. The song includes a wide variety of dips and turns, changing up the instrumentation and vocal delivery. Scott Rocco undoubtedly presents skilled vocal techniques and a thoughtful approach to songwriting, as he delivers passion and soul with each lyric, while the guitars, keyboards, or drums perfectly support Scott’s artistic formulation. There isn’t a dull moment with “Fight For You”, like the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge all offer an intriguing aspect to the song and perfectly transition from one to the next.

Listen to "Fight For You" here.

Hey Scott Rocco, welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your soulful take on heartfelt rock and your deep lyrical messages. What helps you channel your thoughts to a song?

For me, it usually starts with a feeling inside. A conflict within that may need resolve or a blissful experience that has inspired me to want to create a song and share it with the world. From there, I become pretty centered and focused. Things start to open up. I'll hear melodies in my head, sometimes for a chorus, other times for verses -- usually in my most relaxed state or quiet places they come. I'll improvise with some singing, sounding out what I'm hearing in my mind. Then I'll record that into my phone since it's quick and easy no matter where I may be. Other times, I'll start playing my guitar to match my thoughts of what I'm hearing, feeling. It's all a bit interchangeable. Honestly, though, I can't say I always finish a song in an hour or a day like some musicians can. Parts of my songs usually come in bits and pieces, taking days, weeks, sometimes even years until the puzzle is complete. The songwriting process remains a mystery to me, but that's what makes it really cool -- not ever truly knowing how it's supposed to go and turn out. Much like life.

You’ve mentioned that you want to inspire, enlighten, and heal others through your music. Out of all your inspirations, is there anyone who stayed at the top of your list? Why?

I would say Pearl Jam since they were the first band to really impact me as a teenager. Eddie Vedder's lyrics and voice really spoke to my generation and I. He gave us hope that we weren't alone. That life has its dark periods, but there's always the light that comes out of it. He sings with so much passion, purpose, and love until he's spent every ounce of his energy and that really resonates with me, always did. I try to put that in every one of my songs, every performance. Bruce Springsteen, Journey, U2, Nirvana, STP, Chris Cornell, Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Raine Maida and Our Lady Peace - all these amazing singer-songwriters and bands have had a profound impact on me. I was able to really connect with their underdog spirit and powerful songwriting to create my own music. So many other extraordinary singers and bands to credit as well; especially Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and my brother-in-law Johnny Andriani. I forever owe them all a great deal of gratitude for their enormous inspiration.

Your debut album is set to realize in fall 2020! Super exciting, why the name “IGNITED”?... And how does the name reflect the music recorded on it?

Ignited is a song that was inspired by my past relationship with someone who I will always deeply admire and love. It's about someone special coming into your life igniting the best parts of yourself that you didn't even know existed. It serves as the major theme of the record so it just felt very natural and fitting for the album's title. It has a lot of positivity and optimism attached to it helping to tie into a web of songs that chronologically tells the story of a man on a journey of self-discovery. All of our journeys are different, so I think for some people, figuring out who you truly are or the best version of you, may start to manifest early in their life, but for me, it came later on. I'm still a work in progress! We all are.

“Fight For You” is truly an amazing song because it speaks on a universal level. Why do you think it’s important for artists to write from a sincere place?

Thank you for your kind words about the song. I really appreciate it. Well, I think you come from that place of sincerity by sharing. You have to share your love, your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your story, as much as you can. I believe it's important to do so because it helps people to become more enlightened about the things happening in their lives as well. As an artist, when you give people a glimpse of your own life and present it clearly with a strong message of love behind it in the form of a song or however you express yourself creatively, it lays a solid foundation of hope and healing to begin on their part.

What can we expect to see from Scott Rocco throughout 2020? A big move to Los Angeles, igniting people's hearts one song at a time, and a lot more love.