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Screetus Inquires Into the Minds of Listeners With Their Immortal and Unparalleled Sound

Progressive rock band Screetus based in Bangalore, India, debuted a timeless sound for their first album, 'Auburn Garden' that continues to be unfolded.

Their intriguing name comes from the words Screetus and Cetus, referring to loose stones and the mythological monster. Screetus loves to tell stories from various perspectives. This was perfectly displayed in their debut album, covering elements of exploitation and abuse, switching points of view as the album progresses.

Inspired by a number of old folklores, including Prometheus and Frankenstein, Screetus incorporates themes and imaginative scenes into their melodies in a fulfilling and originative way.

Screetus go above and beyond for every element of their music, and their modern-day storytelling blends the sweeping melodies for picturesque scenes of desperation and despair. Their natural gift for songwriting starts with an image, or a story, laid out in their mind before it can be put together into words.

The details added along the way add something unique and inventive until all the ingredients fit together and emulate the music's narrative.

By the end of this first album, Screetus hopes that there can be a little bit more empathy in the world, and they spread this message alongside their ageless and imaginative music.

Check out our recent interview with Screetus here.

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