Sea Of Tranquility Carves out their own Unique Symphonic Path on Latest Release "Lost at Sea"

Sea of Tranquility is the North Carolina-based Electro-Pop and Rock amalgamating aficionados manufacturing hopefulness through intoxicating singles in these modern times of desolation.

Their inception as a scintillating Rock group happened sometime in early 2018, and since then, they've been pushing the boundaries of their genre respective vestiges with relentless enthusiasm and charm.

On this year's musical escapades, Worth Fitts, Josh Frost, and Brandon Porterfield collude together over their latest single, "Lost At Sea," to create a nostalgic cut that oozes with character.

With nostalgia-inducing synth pads that twinkle with kaleidoscopic radiance, "Lost At Sea" comes sailing in on a four to the floor rhythm, holding us captivated from the first moments the leading incantations reach our ears. Here, in the center of this panoramic display of marching snares, heavy inclined saturated bass guitars, and echoes that decay into the void, these Nor-Cal mystifiers establish a vibe that's hard to shake off.

As we're chaperoned through a plethora of wailing harmonics and a multitude of synth orchestration, we're instantly absorbed into the expansiveness, enthusiasm, and spirit of this Electro-pop banger, as it shuttles between double-tempo upswells, tangy verses, and scintillating Pop-punk reminiscent choruses. It's the type of song we can imagine blasting from our living room speakers as we synergize our air-drum over the manic hot-blooded rumblings featured in "Lost At Sea."