Sealy Troh Gives His All, to His Music

Los Angeles based artist Sealy Troh has been killing the game this past year with pump up songs to boost your mood and get you dancing! He prioritizes his listeners and feel-good songs, resulting in summer hits like “All That” and “Liv Luv.”

Sealy Troh has taken the time to grow artistically by collaborating with diverse artists and, more recently, working on his solo music. His music is Pop and Hip Hop based, always there to give you a good groove when you need it most. His own experiences and emotions drive his need to write songs that have something for everyone.

Writing songs with good energy is a must for this artist, and anything less won’t see the light of day.

Sealy Troh keeps things light and consistent, focusing on catchy hooks and melodies that will get stuck in your head. Intending to keep listeners engaged and wanting more, Sealy is no doubt getting ready to release more stellar music this year.

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