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Sean Caramore Grapples With The Past On His Heartfelt Release “Water Rises”

The Long Island native continues to prove that no matter where you’re from, the spirit of country music remains the same.

As a country music lover born and raised in the north, recording artist Sean Caramore has always marched to the beat of his drum. Even though cowboy boots weren’t the norm on his native Long Island, the talented artist grew, listened, and learned, fostering his love of country music until he was ready to pursue it himself.

With releases like “Honest to God” and “Old Soul” serving as a warm welcome and introduction to his impressive work, Caramore seems marked for big things in the future.

Inspired by iconic female powerhouses like Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood, Sean found solace in country music's relatable, heartfelt storytelling.

Seamlessly blending the purity of traditional country with the allure of modern productions, Caramore’s releases have captivated audiences due to a simple fact: For Sean, authenticity is paramount – his music reflects the truth and heart of real life. Regardless of geographical boundaries, the spirit of country music remains the same. As Caramore says, “Country isn't only born in the South”.

Sean Caramore’s “Water Rises” shows the continued growth of this dynamic artist’s love for country and skill. “Water Rises” is an honest, heartfelt release fueled by Caramore’s transparent personal narratives. Led by a tender guitar and piano, Caramore sings his heart out with impassioned lyrics like “Cuz, every time I cross that bridge / Water rises the past, water rises the pain / All the lessons learned all the names” striking straight at even the iciest of hearts. With his highly anticipated debut album “Old Soul: The Complete Collection” slated for release soon, “Water Rises” is a testament to his compelling artistic vision and the good things to come.

“Old Soul: The Complete Collection” promises to captivate audiences with its timeless storytelling and contemporary flair. Still, until then, “Water Rises” is a captivating release that will tide you over. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Sean Caramore’s latest release, “Water Rises”, on all majour streaming platforms.


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