Sed'Trieaun Releases Fresh New Single "L.S" Featuring J-Link

Sed'Trieaun is a Michigan based artist who creates exciting ethereal Hip-Hop. Since the release of his album 'MUMD' last year, he has learned the art of music production and is now able to create his music on his own.

Recently Sed'Trieaun released the impactful song "L.S" or otherwise known as "Lyrical Spirituals" with the artist J-Link. There are a lot of interesting intricate parts happening in "L.S". There's a fantastic evolving ethereal vocoder-like vocal line that transforms throughout the tune. It doesn't stay static for a moment but never gets in the way of any of the performers' flow. The drums in "L.S" have a lot of energy and maintain a rock-steady pulse throughout the song. The main highlight in "L.S" is the honest raw vocal performance from Sed'Trieaun and J-Link. The vocals have attitude and edge, but they are also soothing and easy to listen to. The lyrics are well thought out and both performers deliver a natural flow that feels exciting to listen to.

Listen to "L.S" by Sed'Trieaun and J-Link here.

Hey there Sed'Trieaun! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're loving your latest release "L.S"! What was the songwriting and production process like? Sometimes you hear a beat that makes the process easy. This was one of those songs.

I literally harmonized what is now the hook, and just ran with it! What is it like to be working with J-Link? What is the process like when you two are working together? Are there any interesting stories that have happened? J-Link is a pleasure to work with. His passion for hip hop is inspiring. I get with him, and we’ll freestyle just because. It’s just pure sportsmanship when we’re in a room.

And I can always count on him to drop some bars! We heard that you now do all of the production elements on your own, what were some of the challenges you faced when you were learning and how did you overcome them? One major challenge I’ve faced during the learning process was reaching out to engineers/producers that I looked up to. They didn’t want to help...I would asked questions about different techniques and whatnot, and I just always got shut down or pushed to the side. I got passed it by googling questions that I’ve had, taken online music production courses, and watching YouTube videos. How would you say your sound has evolved from your first album 'MUMD'? How have you evolved as an artist since then? Do you see yourself changing in a certain way in the future?

I think overall, there’s just a Comfortability factor that I never realized I didn’t have when going to studios. I had a few bad experiences. I learned that writing and recording a song it’s a small portion of the pie, and there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that needs to be done. So I feel like I’m more well rounded. I’m pretty much my own team! In the future I think I’ll probably produce/engineer for others more, and to help others reach their goals. Maybe start a label. ,

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Consistency. Just keep putting points on the board. Drop a song a month and maybe an album later on this year! I'm just trying to become someone people look to for good music.