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Seize the Daydream with Somori Pointer

Somori Pointer was born with music on the mind and in the soul, but it was not until he attended a sold-out concert in the San Fransisco Bay Area that he found his true calling.

Since then, his ultimate mission has been to retrieve the enticing sense of danger from Rock n’ Roll and the passion and spice of Soul as he concocts his own version of these fundamental sounds. With each song, Somori Pointer creates a sonic and emotional experience for the listener.

The tribute to Rock n’ Roll provokes feelings of nostalgia as he introduces fans to his “necessary evil” with every hard-hitting verse. He dips significantly into the soul with an essence of psychedelic intoxication which influences the listener to enter his state of mind and join him in this blissful trance.

Also known to match the energetic atmosphere of his songs with a video, he makes each of his pieces a visual and vibrant experience allowing his fans to truly connect.

Discover our recent interview with Somori Pointer here.


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