Selena Victoria Released Her Glistening Single, “Never Be The One”

Selena Polutnik who goes by the stage name of Selena Victoria is a PoP singer/songwriter stemming all the way from a working-class family making her the first to chase such a dream in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Selena got her start by being gifted with the talent of music since she was a young girl. From singing at Charity events to working with household names like Ray Lyell & Teresa Cirillo, Selena continued writing & began producing her own songs with major producers in Toronto.

Selena Victoria released her single titled “Never Be The One” and this engaging single will draw in major traction! The pop-driven & melodic single are catchy and fun with a passionate romantic touch to the lyricism. The vibes are cute with a outgoing and magical element. You’re completely immersed in the music and captivated by Selena Victoria’s inviting and attractive vocal resonance. There’s no doubt “Never Be The One” will become a hit-making record that will have the youth impressed and the older crowd intrigued. Selena Victoria can become an easily marketable mainstream talent and her music is equally as glistening as her sound!

Listen to "Never Be The One" here

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