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Self-Made And Rising To The Top, JoeThePoet Spits Real Bars In “Ridin’”

JoeThePoet is a talented rap artist from Bronx, New York. His extensive background in music can be credited to his unique childhood experience. Growing up with immigrant parents from Guatemala, JoeThePoet had a difficult time finding guidance as a youngster. He eventually built a relationship with God ad music and hasn’t looked back. JoeThePoet states that he’d be dead or in jail without music today. He uses music as a platform to help him shape his life for the best. JoeThePoet’s rap style is original and raw and strives to connect with the listener. JoeThePoet has performed at numerous venues starting in November of 2015. Outside of New York City, he has been seen performing in different venues in Los Angeles, Oakland, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C, and Texas to name a few.

JoeThePoet released “Ridin’” in 2018 and we can’t believe we’re just hearing it now. With a smooth and flowing R&B backbeat fused with an old school hip-hop beat, JoeThePoet spits modern and effortless bars. The subtle synths throughout “Ridin’” give it a more upbeat and edgy vibe. JoeThePoet’s sound and tone remind me of a more raw Busta Rhymes with the similarities being the raspy voice and the upbeat rap style that comes naturally to JoeThePoet. “Ridin’” is a dope track about the hustle to get where JoeThePoet is today. He got there by working hard and proving he’s the best through his prolific rhymes and independent grind. “Ridin’” is definitive proof that JoeThePoet has earned his stripes and confidence. “Breathing out music” is my favorite lyric, for JoeThePoet making music comes so naturally it’s like breathing. I recommend you check out “Ridin’” and keep up with JoeThePoet to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Ridin’” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview.

How did you come up with your stage name? 

When I realized I wanted to pursue music as a career i knew the importance of having a universal name but more importantly a name that fits who I am. I started writing poetry before becoming a rap artist so as I was researching names on iTunes I realized there wasn’t any JoethePoet that was spelt as a compound word so I ran with it 

Can you tell us more about the meaning of your track “Ridin’”? What inspired your writing process?

Ridin’ is probably by the far the most important track because the majority of my thoughts in life comes when I’m in my car driving somewhere. The same thing happened for this record. As I was moving to Los Angeles from New York driving with my belongings it didn’t dawn to me I was heading towards Los Angeles until I hit Colorado. I remember listening to the radio and it was the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors game 1 in the NBA Finals driving through the end of Kansas by myself and saying to myself “Yo I’m really making this happen, I really drove from New York by myself for 2 whole days now through Kansas having a total of 4-5 hours of sleep up to this point”. I get through Colorado and the excitement of getting closer to California was when the thought process began. I stopped by a local Subway store to get something to eat and started writing the hook to the song “Ridin’ in my car 90 on the meter/ chasing this dream, ain’t about it being greener / breathing out music something you can’t confuse it/ I’m built to do this I’m not in it to lose it” so the meaning behind it is to chase your dreams no matter how far you got to go to make it happen. I don’t do it for the money I love music. It’s therapeutic for me. 

How does the music you make now compare to music you made when you first started out?

When I first started I didn’t have any substance. I didn’t have a flow. I didn’t care what I was putting out to the world when I first started. Whereas today I have substance, I have a flow, and I care about the things I write about. Music is more personal for me. It’s my greatest strength and gift that god has given me. It changed my life as I continued to get older. I realized I’m able to help others speak just through my experiences that I write about on records. It’s an amazing feeling to know I have the ability to help others as well as having others understand my journey 

Who are you top three musical influences? Why?

This is very hard. I feel like as I got older my ears have changed along the way. So within the last 3 years I find myself listening to these artists more than anyone else in the game. Kendrick Lamar - Versatility he presents Joyner Lucas- his creativity with his visuals, determined to stay himself lyrically, and independent Nipsey Hussle- Knowing the business and knowing your worth

What would be your dream venue to perform?

I’ve never been asked this question before so I haven’t put any thought to it. I’m grateful to get opportunities to touch any stage to perform. If I had to chose one though I would say Coachella 


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