Self-Made And Rising To The Top, JoeThePoet Spits Real Bars In “Ridin’”

JoeThePoet is a talented rap artist from Bronx, New York. His extensive background in music can be credited to his unique childhood experience. Growing up with immigrant parents from Guatemala, JoeThePoet had a difficult time finding guidance as a youngster. He eventually built a relationship with God ad music and hasn’t looked back. JoeThePoet states that he’d be dead or in jail without music today. He uses music as a platform to help him shape his life for the best. JoeThePoet’s rap style is original and raw and strives to connect with the listener. JoeThePoet has performed at numerous venues starting in November of 2015. Outside of New York City, he has been seen performing in different venues in Los Angeles, Oakland, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C, and Texas to name a few.

JoeThePoet released “Ridin’” in 2018 and we can’t believe we’re just hearing it now. With a smooth and flowing R&B backbeat fused with an old school hip-hop beat, JoeThePoet spits modern and effortless bars. The subtle synths throughout “Ridin’” give it a more upbeat and edgy vibe. JoeThePoet’s sound and tone remind me of a more raw Busta Rhymes with the similarities being the raspy voice and the upbeat rap style that comes naturally to JoeThePoet. “Ridin’” is a dope track about the hustle to get where JoeThePoet is today. He got there by working hard and proving he’s the best through his prolific rhymes and independent grind. “Ridin’” is definitive proof that JoeThePoet has earned his stripes and confidence. “Breathing out music” is my favorite lyric, for JoeThePoet making music comes so naturally it’s like breathing. I recommend you check out “Ridin’” and keep up with JoeThePoet to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Ridin’” here. Read more below in our exclusive interview.