Self-Made Artist Miles Prime Drops Self-Titled New Single “It’s Me, David Miles”

Full of wisdom beyond his years, Miles Prime is a talented artist from Phoenix. With over 15 years of writing experience, Miles developed his style and discovered his passion for music early. A modern phenomenon, Miles Prime uses writing as a natural channel for his emotive expression. His music allow the listener to bare witness to history in the making as Miles Prime lays a foundation and expectation for many artists to follow.

Miles Prime’s newest track “It’s Me, David Miles” is the first single released off of his upcoming EP that bares the same name. Simple yet intricate and brilliant, “It’s Me, David Miles” tells a light hearted story of who Miles Prime is. It’s a song of reflection as Miles opens up about 100% with himself and being comfortable that way. Easy said than done, Miles has managed to let his personality shine through the speakers as his hypnotizing vocals speak truth. Miles is an expert at carving his feelings onto paper and turning it into living poetry through vulnerable and meaningful singles such as “It’s Me, David Miles”. Miles create music that his fans can relate to and reflect on themselves. His music is easy to chill and relax to, while your mind gets lost in the spectacular lyricism. “It’s Me, David Miles” will be dropping June 15th, stay on the lookout.

Check out “It’s Me, David Miles”