Selfish Ways & MAAHEZ Show Us What the "Lit Life" Looks Like

Los Angeles-based trio Selfish Ways shows us a thing or two about living the "Lit Life" in a new picturesque music video.

Comprising South Carolina brothers Prince and King Riley, the vocalists have a very impressive track record, having shared stages with Yo Gotti, T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, 50 Cent, Gucci Mane, and many other rap legends. They've also collaborated with electronic duo Riggi and Piros while continuing to make their mark on the West Coast music scene.

Now enlisting one of the architects of the current pan-Caribbean sound, producer MAAHEZ, for their new single, "Lit Life," the song itself highlights all three artists' vast creative abilities through feel-good Caribbean-inspired electronic production with a warm, melodic r&b edge that's impossible to ignore.

Taking a look at the new music video for "Lit Life," directed by Castro Tarantino, the venture begins with Prince and Riley strolling Venice Beach with their ladies and taking in the lively West Coast scene.

We love the vintage look of this music video, even though the entire experience offers this timeless take on living life to the fullest and experiencing all the wonderful things it has to offer.

As the group meets up with producer MAAHEZ for a trip to 777 Sarbonne Road in Bel-Air, they make their way over to some of the most beautiful homes in California. When the sun begins to set, the crew keeps the vibe alive with some midnight dips, bonfires, and taking in the stunning scenery around them.

Don't miss out on a glimpse of the "Lit Life" with Selfish Ways and MAAHEZ's new music video, now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Selfish Ways. We can't get enough of the many beautiful and engaging scenes in your new music video for "Lit Life." Why did you want to create the song in the first place? What inspired you?

The inspiration came from having the freedom to travel and expressing ourselves in the purest form seeing people and things every day that reminded us that We are alive.

It’s taking the time to reflect and be grateful for the present tense.

Why did you want to create this beautiful and picturesque music video for "Lit Life?" How did that process begin?

The process began when we woke up and said, Let’s create something on a higher vibratory frequency that can stimulate the heart chakra. We literally hit every part of California that vibrated with the record "Lit Life." Even hiked for an hour to capture breathtaking moments for the music video. The outcome was definitely rewarding.

How did you want the "Lit Life" music video to impact the viewer? What did you want them to realize or take away?

We aimed to create such an intimate vibe that the viewers can feel as if they are taking this journey with us. Wanted them to be impacted by just seeing the odyssey unfolding before their eyes while expanding their subconscious through every visual

What was it like working with producer MAAHEZ, your female counterparts, and director Castro Tarantino for the "Lit Life" music video? What was that experience like?

It’s always an amazing encounter and conversation when we link up with Maahez never gets old always got something new on the horizon. Working with both models Mariah Lopez & Mungunchimeg Bayasgalan was very fun and professional. It was a very organic and natural flow. Castro did an excellent job of capturing the cinematic view of us being caught up in the moment of living life, making the music video authentic and real.

What's next for you?

What’s next for Selfish Ways is preparing for tours, shows, press events, and working on new singles & potential New Album for this Summer. We also currently started our clothing brand ROY*ELL*BLOOD be sure to purchase some new merch. If you’re new to Selfish Ways stick around for a while this is only the beginning.