SERYOOSANE Gets Reflective With His Latest Track "WAKE UP BY"

LA-raised, 21-year old rap artist SERYOOSANE has been releasing remarkably introspective music. We appreciate the perspective SERYOOSANE has, and how he decides to emulate that to his listening base. His sound focuses more on the outflow of lyricism than a dramatic production. That's one aspect we really have come to appreciate from SERYOOSANE--how much value he places in the quality of lyricism and its execution regarding the vocals. SERYOOSANE's inner desire to create music has always been present at a young age, and now, he's successfully delivering thought-provoking lyricism to all listeners alike.

SERYOOSANE has offered up his underground, low-key sound in his recent release "WAKE UP BY". The track maintains a very restrained and laid-back atmosphere, which comes from the consistency of the chosen production. The beats compliment the straightforward attitude of SERYOOSANE, and ultimately pushes that nonchalant vibe from him. "WAKE UP BY" starts itself off with an inspirational message from SERYOOSANE, and flows into him communicating his life to listeners, including the path he's wanting to go down for himself. "It's hard to believe, but I've got to proceed"--SERYOOSANE establishes the difficulties in believing oneself and one's goals, but assures that one must have faith within themselves and keep going. SERYOOSANE took "WAKE UP BY" to be a reflective and communicative track, that'll require some time on the listener's end to listen thoroughly and pick apart each verse to understand its entirety. We definitely felt more in tune with the life of SERYOOSANE after listening to "WAKE UP BY", which we highly suggest R&B/Rap listeners check out in order to resonate with his overall message.

You can find SERYOOSANE's "WAKE UP BY" here.