Set a Mood and Get Ready for Puscie Jones Revue New Single "Got That Work”

The Puscie Jones Revue is a powerhouse Funk/Rock collective that brings the appeal of Funk with the hard-hitting parts of Rock to bring a catchy jaw-dropping musical experience.

The group is known for its messages of self-love, musicianship, the craziest of dance parties, and they continue to sell out Los Angeles venues with their exciting grooves. Recently along with Paige Alyssa, the group released their tender single “Got That Work” and it is what one would call a “risque” song.

Instantly as the tune begins we feel our bodies starting to move in ways we didn’t think were possible, the deep grooves of the congas and bass are incredibly moving. This record gives a vibe where you’ll want to start pulling out those lava lamps and set incredibly moody lighting; the tight drum and bass combined with the funky horns and guitars create awe inspiring backdrop that allows for both The Puscie Jones Revue and Paige’s vocals to shine through and create a beautiful sensual duet. Through and through, we're living for this track and we highly recommend you add it to your self-love playlist.

Listen to "Got That Work" here and get to know more about The Puscie Jones Revue in our interview below.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Puscie Jones Revue! Your latest single “Got That Work” with Paige Alyssa has those incredibly groovy sexy vibes but also keeps a tight upbeat feel to it, what was the original thought process and mentality when creating this release?

We wanted a song to make love to! It's about being confident in giving the love that everyone wants. 

We’re loving the beautiful duet like feel between the group and Paige, how did all of you come to meet? What was it like to collaborate together? How were the parts created for each singer?

We found her on NPR Tiny Desk when we did our submission, going through the other submissions we reached out to her as a compliment on her music and we became friends. It was AMAZING collaborating with her, we hope to do many many more! It was a fun and easy process. Each singer wrote their own personal parts in keeping with the theme of the song. Our producer, Jesse David Conner, and I (Puscie) put together the hook and the structure, and everyone wrote their own verses. 

There's a beautiful fusion between funk and rock here, what about each element appeals to you that makes you want to draw inspiration from? Are there any idols from each genre that you felt you connected with?

We've always described our sound as punk-funk, so we are happy that you feel the rock and funk vibe in the music. We are drawn to the raw sounds that come from both genres and the edge that each has in its own way. We have attracted to the soul of TheIsely Brothers and the artistry of Anderson. Paak when writing. This was a new lane for us and it was exciting to show something different than our previous releases. It's fun to play with new sounds as we prepare for our next album. 

It’s truly a milestone to sell out a show, let alone in LA. Are there any subconscious goals in mind when performing that you always strive to achieve? What are some ways that you bring that “sensual” sound to the stage and deliver it live?

We want to be the best thing you've ever seen, that's our motivation every time we walk on stage. Every time we get off stage we want to know that we gave an out of the box performance that was something you've never seen, heard, experienced, or felt before and something you never knew you desired.