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Set Your Alarms: Radio Ritual Is Back at It Again With New Single “Wake Up”

We're always thrilled with the top-quality product that Los Angeles rock band, Radio Ritual, provides us. Formed in 2019 by Argentinian guitar player Burton Car and Maclovio Perez III from San Antonio, Texas, the pandemic was when these creatives chose to get down and dirty in the name of rock n roll.

Making a name for themselves by becoming well-known throughout Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia, these LA rockers are ready to tackle the rest of the world with their mesmerizing hits.

Composed of Burton Car and Tinu Cer on bass, Mac Perez on guitar and background vocals, and the band's latest addition, frontman Dillon Daeson, the sky's the limit for Radio Ritual as they continue to fill our speakers with each new track released.

As our minds fill with a heavy rock essence that takes on a soothingly intoxicating feel, Radio Ritual has our senses peaking with "Wake Up." An eclectic twist takes over as we admire the wavy guitar riffs, spacious percussion, and overall the reverberated atmosphere that strikes up a psychedelic ether that we would love to reside in.

As Dillon Daeson's vocalization sends chills down our spine, there's a refreshing impact that surfaces when hearing lyrical motifs like 'I feel pleasure when proving people wrong. Give me that sweet sensation.' There's a weighty sense of relatability when finding the more profound meaning laced into each word performed. The concept of proving all the doubters wrong sits in a sweet spot within ourselves, and although we don't do anything for them at the end of the day, there's a bliss that surrounds the entire thesis that Radio Ritual effortlessly captures.

Always eager to tackle the familiar tenors with an amplified passion for creating ear candy, Radio Ritual has you covered. The rhythmic ambiance sweeps you into a more profound sense of self, all while shining a light on what they have to offer as a band. Please don't sleep on the continuous momentum of Radio Ritual as they have you covered in every aspect of what life throws your way.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Radio Ritual. It’s always great when we get to chat it up with you. Since welcoming your new frontman Dillion Daeson to the band, how have things been for you all? How did this come to be?

Hey! Thanks for having us back! It was actually very unexpected as we weren’t auditioning singers when we met Dillon, but since day one we started working on songs, ideas and we just clicked from the first moment. Dillon has a great style that blends perfectly with the music we are currently doing. We couldn’t be more excited for this new phase of Radio Ritual!

What is the deeper meaning that you’ve weaved into “Wake Up?" What does this track say about you as a band and where you’re headed?

It’s basically calling out and shutting down anyone who has ever shown doubt or disregarded someone on a mission to make something of themselves. And to remind the one in pursuit of their goal, purpose, or dream, that they have the strength to pull through and make it happen.

With a music video in the works, could you please share with your listeners what they can expect from the vision being brought to life?

Our listeners and fans can expect another incredible vídeo by Nate Ledger who has worked with us before. The video will resemble the intensity and drive our music brings to the rock community.

After the Gibson Guitar Showcase in 2020, are you ready to hit the road and perform again? What songs are you most excited to perform live?

We are currently working on our first EP that will include all néw original songs created in the last few months with this new lineup. Radio Ritual is ready to hit the road with a new lineup with better than ever songs and the same attitude we have since the beginning.


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