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Set Your Speakers on Fire With Jake Daniels New Single, "Liar"

Upstate New York artist, Jake Daniels, is no new kid on the block. Initially grabbing the attention of several animators on Youtube, the song ‘Two Face’ was able to build Jake a prominent fan base in the Gacha community, as well as Japan and Korea, changing his life from a local artist to global spectacle in a matter of months.

With over 100 million streams and video views across all platforms, Jake Daniels is sure to be the artist you want to remember.

There’s a prominent tempo that infiltrates your mind as soon as Jack Daniels’ latest single “Liar,” comes charging through the speakers. With a memorable bassline that practically embeds itself into your brain, you can’t help but sway to the vibrant soundscape as it tiptoes the line of effervescent bop with dark undertones.

Jake Daniels professes his velvety smooth vocals overtop of the jaunty instrumentation that has various worlds colliding in the ultimate progression of “Liar.” What we love the most about the unswerving timbres that take on a punchy delivery through the verses, is that they transition to harmonically backed croons that make for an alluring pre-chorus, before descending us into the ultimate plunge of intensity in the hook.

With lyrical motifs such as, ‘you always tell me that I’m so insane,’ the relatability factor gets kicked up a notch as we’ve all been in a place where someones gaslighting makes us think that we’re out of line. Making a monumental anthem that has us learning every word to sing it right back to Jake Daniels, “Liar,” has enough moxie to make it to any of our upbeat playlists.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic, Jake Daniels. With such a powerful message residing in the words of “Liar,” what was the moment that inspired the creation of this song for you? Honestly, I was watching an older movie called Basic Instinct. The main woman in the movie is a seductress and killer, but the guys always end up falling for her. I’m combination to my relationships in the past, it automatically inspired me to write a story about it.

Although the soundscape is upbeat and lively, there are dark undertones that we can’t seem to shake. We think it makes the record that much more mesmerizing! Could you please share a glimpse into how you conceived the idea to take the track in this direction? I pretty much wrote the song to a bass guitar at first. I had the melody in my head and just ended up cranking out the lyrics and melody in 30 minutes or so. I worked with my friend Birk B on the production end and Birk is a genius. Whenever I give him a vision for a track, he’s able to really make it come to life. I’m also addicted to vocal layers, so I knew this needed as many as possible! How easy is it for you to write about the subject matter as such? Do you have to do anything in particular in order to get into your creative zone? Honestly, songwriting comes pretty easy to me. If I feel inspired, I write immediately. If I try to force it, It just won’t work so I won’t even write. I think inspiration needs to be natural and from a genuine place. For me, it’s always about the feeling I get when writing a story or thinking of an idea. The rest comes naturally!

Compared to the release of ‘Two Face,’ how do these songs complement and stand out from one another? I would say 'Two Face' is one of my most vulnerable records to date. It touches on several mental health topics while also hiding them in story format. Liar also has the story format that I’m well known for, but it’s more simplistic in the subject matter. I think we’ve all been in toxic relationships before, so I thought it would be a great song to relate to while also being able to dance. It’s almost like you’re at a dance party celebrating trying to leave your toxic ex’s together with all your friends haha! Pretty fun party if you ask me.


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