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Seven Layer Piano Cakes Bakes Up His Debut EP Entitled, 'The Patriarch'

The alter ego Seven Layer Piano Cakes of Los Angeles-based attorney and law professor Justin Hoyt releases his dynamic debut EP, 'The Patriarch.'

As a classically trained pianist and vocalist, Seven Layer Piano Cakes strives to deter from conforming with one particular sound. When speaking about his latest EP, 'The Patriarch,' Seven Layer Piano Cakes mentioned that the project contains feels of acts like Queen, The Beach Boys, Thrice, Elton John, Beach House, and Sufjan Stevens, while also touching on genres like dream pop, alternative rock, classic rock, and indietronica.

Opening the EP with the intro and title track, "The Patriarch," the instrumentals begin with heavy electric guitars, mid-tempo drum patterns, and melodic background synths. Once Seven Layer Piano Cakes starts singing his incredibly poetic and gut-wrenching lyrical story, he locks us into the song with each descriptive and intriguing message surrounding the tale of a boy sent off to war who later drowns his sorrows in bottles and booze. Seven Layer Piano Cakes pierces his bright vocals throughout this engaging piece; he continues to offer his intense lyrical message while the surrounding instrumentals blaze through the fiery track.

As we move into the second piece, "Novel Opening," we can tell that Seven Layer Piano Cakes will delve into another lyrical and poetic storyline merely through the soothing and soft instrumentals that allow his vocals to shimmer centerstage. Listening to Seven Layer Piano Cakes' lyrical content, he takes a poetic turn on what we assume is our country's political climate and our journey back to health while singing in an incredibly ethereal and warm tone. Through lyrics like, "-but the work is not complete" and "-this rebuild needs more than a vaccine," Seven Layer Piano Cakes exclaims his truths for our country to take away.

Reaching the EP's outro track, "Kaleidoscope," Seven Layer Piano Cakes slows it down and takes his time to deliver a heightened emotional lyrical message of yearning to slow down the pace and focus his gaze on what truly matters. While a beautiful and serene piano melody leads the way through the song, a mild drum arrangement slowly makes its way in alongside Seven Layer Piano Cakes' smooth background harmonies that glimmer with grace. Shining all the way to the outro, we're more than impressed with Seven Layer Piano Cakes' cinematic instrumental approach, warm vocal delivery, and each heartfelt lyrical message.

Get to know the versatile stylings of the LA-based recording artist and singer-songwriter Seven Layer Piano Cakes through his latest EP, 'The Patriarch,' on all digital streaming platforms.



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