ShaVazz The Weirdo Release Debut EP “The Weirdos Project”

ShaVazz Johnson, better known for his performance name ShaVazz The Weirdo. ShaVazz The Weirdo is a very talented independent artist who began writing music in the 6th grade. Growing up, ShaVazz’ has always been called a weirdo. He’s unapologetically himself and loves every bit of it.  Due to life changing events and growing pains in his life, he took a break from writing music to make sure my family was comfortable. Back from hiatus and better than ever, Shavazz The Weirdo releases his debut EP "The Weirdos Project".

"The Weirdos Project" is an eclectic new 3 track EP from ShaVazz The Weirdo and we can’t get enough! “raCe Car” starts things up on a high, the sound appeals for its humble, nostalgic aura and its clear level of realness from the offset. ShaVazz follows and keeps those melodic backdrops at the forefront of the journey. Undoubtedly a new side to the artist emerges at this early stage, speaking volumes on behalf of eclecticism and a vast knowledge and appreciation for the art form. “Cornelius” softens things with a softer vocal flow, rhythmically relentless and consistently interesting. The scene-setting and a soulful backdrop work beautifully together. A personal favourite from this EP, it transitions into a quicker vocal line and pours detail and self-reflection into the process in an addictive way. 

“Love You Better”  brings the EP to an again anthemic finish, leading with a brighter soundscape. Uplifting, energizing and kicking into gear with the strength of a compelling hook. “Love You Better” incitises togetherness, motivating a level of possibility and drive. A great way to finish what is a surprisingly unique yet classically rooted new project. ShaVazz The Weirdo creates from the heart, and this stands tall throughout the tracks on “The Weirdos Project”.

Check out “The Weirdos Project” here and read more with ShaVazz The Weirdo in our interview below!


Welcome to BuzzMusic! Congrats on the release of “The Weirdos Project”! What does the EP represent for you?

This EP represents my versatility & ability to adapt to any style of music thrown my way. 

What do you aspire to achieve as an artist?

My main goal is to inspire the world to be more comfortable in their skin and to be more positive for future generations. To let people know it’s ok to be you & to never feel down about who they are.

What’s the hope for you going forwards as a project in 2019 and beyond?

I hope is to keep inspiring the world & continue to get my message across to as many people as I can. I also want to continue to heal the hurting hearts with my Heal The World Positive World movement. 

Is live performance an important part of your plans?

Live performances is a HUGE part of my plan. I am a natural entertainer & can naturally get the crowd going even without music. Touring is one of my main focuses & studies. 

What’s next for you?

After I drop my EP which is a part of a Distribution/Marketing deal I received from a label I plan to continue the work of my highly anticipated album. 


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