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Sheri Miller Shines Luminously with "Gold Hearted Man"

Sheri Miller makes the work of her latest single, “Gold Hearted Man,” a running leap into her six-track EP ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life.’ Combining a seamless blend of sensuality with a poetic escape of musicality, the reflective lens into Sheri Miller’s heartrending universe is a remarkable journey we get to embark on.

We get to witness the singer-songwriter propel a burst of passion in “Gold Hearted Man,” as she allows us to tap into the depths of ourselves. Through her captivating vocal performance, the textured croons carry a substantial amount of power that has the cascading lyrical motifs soaking into the musical foundation before us.

Sheri Miller profoundly delivers primitive radiation of energy that is met with the interpretation of physical and spiritual desire as the song progresses through the motions. Casting out an anticipating rush of sentiments that have us embracing our own emotions that match the glorious whirlwind of authenticity, Sheri Miller’s hauntingly beautiful timbres create a storyline in solely the conveyance.

Recording this masterpiece with GRAMMY-winning producer Jeff Bova, the thrilling soundscape that draws us towards Sheri Miller like a magnet leaves us with a long-lasting impression of her artistic capabilities in a realm where she portrays such a timeless resonance.

Through a tumultuous swing of various thoughts surfacing, there is no doubt about the empowering ebb and flow that dances within our headspace in a compelling foundation of Sheri Miller’s artistry.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Sheri Miller, and congratulations on the release of your captivating new single “Gold Hearted Man.” With such a powerful delivery in your vocal performance and the emotion you demonstrate, was there a particular story or moment that brought this song to life? Thank you, I appreciate it! Yes, I wrote this song in a hurricane flood of powerful emotion, basking in the afterglow of a soulful kiss. The music and lyrics poured forth with a wild force and current, strong as a raging river. Sometimes I receive songs fast and furious and do my best to translate them as they flow through, seemingly already written. All you can do is enjoy this golden flood of song blessings, take out your iPhone, pen, guitar, and piano, and capture the magic lightning in a bottle. When it was time to record the vocals in the studio, at first I felt uncomfortable singing deeply sensual lyrics in front of other people. But when the recording light blinked, BOOM- I did it! We got passionate live-take after live-take, bursting with emotion. It felt like a gift. I am proud of the powerful feeling we captured in this recording. What persuaded you to make this the lead single from ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life?' How does “Gold Hearted Man” speak to this project's overall concept? It was clear as a golden, sun-streaked warm day that the passion, electricity, sparks of excitement in “Gold Hearted Man” could incite listeners, as the first lead-off track on the EP; that it could wet their ears, burn up their hearts, and grease their souls with pulsating energy and exhilaration. When you know, you know. I love getting people’s bodies stirred up with a beat and driving music, and their souls revved up with passionate poetry and lyrics. Call it a holy duo. I call it “soul dancing” or “heart dancing,” so to speak. I felt aligned and alive writing and recording “Gold Hearted Man,” and I desired to transmit this same aligned energy to those hearing and feeling it, as their delicious hors d’oeuvres to this EP feast. Could you please share a glimpse into what it was like working with Jeff Bova and Chris Lord-Alge?

It was magic, blissful, and bursting with joy, working with Jeff Bova and Chris Lord-Alge. Jeff is not only a magnificent human, generous, loving, soulful, and high-integrity, he’s a brilliant producer, creator, composer, engineer, genius, and passionately committed to music and art. He brought out the best in me, and our creative synergy is truly special. We share similar creative musical tastes, and we read each others’ minds, easily. Our collaboration brought these songs to a new interstellar dimension of magic. It’s a dream to work with him. A gift. Chris Lord-Alge is not only an extraordinarily generous, funny, kind, wise, spectacular human being, he’s a legendary, iconic mixer, producer, engineer, music creator. He has so many gold and diamond hit records in his recording studio, it’s positively overwhelming to walk in without your jaw-dropping, in awe of how one human being could accomplish such success. Chris’ radio edit for “Gold Hearted Man” sparkles with gold magic, and has brought this track to life, even more. Both Jeff Bova and Chris Lord-Alge are my dream team. I’m honored and blessed to work with them. They ARE the definition of gold-hearted men. Their hearts are pure gold.

Was there a particular theme you reflected on when bringing life to this song? What would you like your audience to reflect on when they take in this single, and the larger EP? Yes! That sensuality is deeply enhanced by one’s own soul, one’s character, one’s generous, kind, loving heart of gold. Yes, being confident and loving yourself IS sexy, and for both men and women, an expanded, gorgeous heart radiating love is truly the most attractive trait and characteristic. All the sensual cologne and perfume in the world can’t cover a dried-up heart. Be a kind, loving person, own it, radiate it, live it, and watch how many are attracted to your gold-hearted self. Your gold heart is your greatest pheromone. I’d like my audience to take in THEY have a gold heart too. You are good, and one kind thought, one smile, one loving gesture can connect you to your own gold heart. The larger EP expands on this theme of radiating love and connecting with one’s own soul. It introduces the idea that it is a miracle to be alive, to wake up every morning with a beating heart, pumping on its own independent accord. It’s a miracle to be alive, at this moment in time. I’m thankful to write these answers. I’m thankful for this miracle of life.



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