Shining a Light On Cenzina and Her Pop Anthem, "Juice"

Artist Cenzina is testing genre boundaries by fusing influences from alternative, classic rock to hip hop and R&B to create her own unique hybrid genre! Cenzina blends poetic storytelling with her bring yet smokey vocals in her composition, taking the listener on a dynamic journey.

Recently Cenzina dropped pop-anthem “Juice”, this track has combined her influences of Electro, RnB, and Neo-Soul music into the upbeat track. In a recent interview with BussMusic, Cenzina explains that her studio performance on “Juice” is full of emotions like “authenticity, resilience, and rejection of the status quo”. These raw emotions are evident within the first listen of her track. Currently, Cenzina is hard at work to record a series of singles that will lead to the release of her album.

Cenzina teases that she is “really excited about this next wave of expression” she expresses that the next singles feel like she has found herself as an artist! She describes the next songs will have a range of Alternative Pop genres all tied with a Soulful dreamy thread. 

Learn more about Cenzina here.


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