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Shining a Spotlight on Becky Raisman and Her Latest Single, "Sun"

Southern Carolina artist Becky Raismen finds bliss and hopefulness in her new track “Sun.”

By writing her own heartfelt lyrics, Raisman expressed her passion and joy through euphoric melodies and raw musical talent.

Raisman mentioned to her listeners the importance of being involved in music in any (fun) way, which is indeed part of the reason she wrote this track. “Sun” is written to be an upbeat and catchy summer song for all listeners and has shown to be expanding her fan base.

Passion and hopefulness shine through within this track, making it a perfect listen for all listeners who have been experiencing the difficulties of 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. Raisman’s ability to sing helped her create the alternative pop nature of this track, which generates lively instrumentation that bridges the blossoming love within. This musical masterpiece is sure to light up a room and portray the joyous summertime fun that Raisman had hoped for.

Discover more about Becky Raismen here.



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