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Shining A Spotlight On BNH Deluxe Release, “In My Arms”

BHN Deluxe diversified his soundscape, genre-blending the more alternative aspects with new-age pop and trap tempos and melodies on his new single "IN MY ARMS."

Emerging from the Seattle music scene, John Repass (BHN Deluxe) defies all sound categories, breeding a fresh new taste to your palette while only in his junior year in high school. "IN MY ARMS" is one of the young legend's carefully and beautifully constructed masterpieces as he keeps his foot on the gas.

The ambient atmosphere presents a heartfelt storyline about giving it your all in a relationship while, in turn, being left isolated and lonely. We remain captivated throughout this record by his ability to craft a unique, vivid, and relatable picture we can all resonate with.

In BHN Deluxe's latest interview with BuzzMusic, he was asked what moments inspired this piece of art. "'s about someone doing their best for someone else but ultimately not being enough for them" - adding on, he mentions how, ironically, it's not your typical concept to be sung to an upbeat production. Apparent in his older music, BHN Deluxe finds it naturally easier to write about his own turmoil and heartbreaks in his music.

We've asked who or what drives the force of his daily inspiration, and he mentioned, "...a notable motivation for me artistically and musically is myself. I like to think I change a lot, and I often notice that I evolve so much in a year that I become a whole different version of myself".

Looking forward to the performance aspect of his future in this industry, BHN Deluxe displays high-value potential, leaving listeners in awe and craving more.

Read the full article and interview with the young legend BHN Deluxe and his latest release, "IN MY ARMS," here.

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