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Shining A Spotlight On Cali Rodi And Her Latest Single, “Girl Who Cried, Love”

Cali Rodi, based in LA, is a punk-influenced pop star and singer/songwriter who's now exploding within the industry with her new single "Girl Who Cried, Love."

Her rip-roaring styles will bring new energy to your favorite playlists. She redefines the pop genre with her mirror-shaking 808s and nostalgic new tunes.

Cali Rodi stomps through the industry with her straight-talking record "Girl Who Cried Love," This is the title track of Rodi's forthcoming debut EP. Expanding on the song, we establish mysterious electric guitar melodies that come along with punk-like drums and her charming vocals.

"Girl Who Cried Love" is so well put together with many lyrics to relate to, she continues to lead us, and as we get closer to the end, she blesses our ears with a note so unique it's bound to leave you with some goosebumps.

When asked about the record, Cali says, "This song is very autobiographical of my high school years" and wants her listeners to feel energized and empowered to think for themselves.

Cali Rodi keeps our energy high with her hit single "Girl Who Cried Love," read the full article here.


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