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Shining a Spotlight on Higgs Field As He Preserves Culture in “Leader in the Eye”

Greeting from Mount Gambier, South Australia, is a 4-piece alternative metal band, Higgs Field, as they bring us their new conceptual single, "Leader In The Eye."

Higgs Field breeds creativity, and only coming from a small town of 30,000 people shows us their heavily influenced metal era with influence from bands like Tool and Alice In Chains.

Higgs Field takes what we love most about an era and makes it new again, much like they did in "Leader In The Eye." The song helps us keep the culture alive, and it's a homage to those who have battled to ensure that culture survives in current times. As they show us their flavors, each instrument and vocal transitions create a stimulating listening experience.

This single rips through our speaker with a fiery alternative metal instrumental that leaves our speakers shaking. As the lead vocals melt through the song to grab our attention with crazy transitions and tightly-wound screams that unleash all anger and pain Higgs has been holding in.

All the lyrics in "Leader In The Eye" its a story of a man trying to get his people to safety and away from evil. Despite tribulations, he stays determined to move forward and stand as a "Leader In The Eye." From the smashing of drums to guitar riffs, its compelling concept keeps us on our toes.

Catch the fiery Higgs Field with their interview and review of their latest release, "Leader In The Eye," here.


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