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Higgs Field Preserves The Culture In, “Leader In The Eye”

Hailing from Mount Gambier, South Australia, is the four-piece alternative metal band Higgs Field with their scorching hot and deeply conceptual new single, "Leader In The Eye."

The four metalheads in Higgs Field are living proof that isolation breeds creativity, coming from a small town of nearly 30,000 people. They're rooted in experimentation and are heavily influenced by the 90s alternative metal era through bands like Tool, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains.

Now, Higgs Field is taking what we loved most about that era and making it new again with stellar releases like the latest single, "Leader In The Eye." The new song is about keeping the culture alive, and it's also an homage to those who've battled to ensure the culture survives. There's never a dull moment in this 5-minute song; each instrumental and vocal transition makes for an incredibly stimulating and conceptual listening experience.

Jumping into "Leader In The Eye," this scorcher of a single rip through the speakers with a blazing alternative metal instrumental that instantly leaves our speakers quaking. As the lead vocalist's breathy vocals melt through the song, he grabs our attention with wicked transitions from haunting vocals to tightly-wound screams that unleash all the angst and pain Higgs Field has been holding in.

The song's lyrics track the story of an ordinary man trying to get his people to safety and away from evil. When tribulations arise, he stays determined to keep moving forward and stand out as a "Leader In The Eye." Everything from the smashing drums to the riveting bass licks and guitar riffs stops us dead in our tracks, but it's the compelling concept that keeps us there.

Do your part to save our precious culture with some help and motivation from Higgs Field's latest hit, "Leader In The Eye," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Higgs Field. We're ready to keep the culture alive and thriving after hearing your new hit, "Leader In The Eye." What inspired your group to create this highly conceptual single?

The inspiration came from a lot of Windex and our thirst for knowledge. We could have made the song about partying or falling in love, but it would be meaningless. We decided to really focus on issues that we're passionate about, throwing out opinions to anyone with an open mind. We're tired of people being forced out of their homes and into a world they never asked to be involved in. We're angry about it. The song really comes from a dark, angry place, but it's also our way of saying, "Push forward; we're with you."

Could you introduce us to your band members and who handled what aspect of creating "Leader In The Eye?" What was your band's creative process like?

Well, our band is made up of four dudes with questionable styles. Kyle Gleed, Dylan Leggett, Bradley Frost, and myself (Liam Brown). Our creative process is pretty simple, really. Someone will come up with an idea, and we'll work on it together until we think it sounds good. We're not trying to appeal to everyone, and we're not a big band, so we have the freedom to make what we want and say what we want!

How does "Leader In The Eye" stand out from your band's previous releases? What makes this song different?

We're just getting better as time goes on. The biggest difference we've had with "Leader in the eye" and other music we'll be bringing out in the future is a strong production team and a "No point in holding back" attitude toward our songwriting. We're more serious about our music now but with less care about what other people think. We're sitting in a really easy spot at the minute, writing tunes, not really caring about too much else!

What impact do you want "Leader In The Eye" to have on listeners? What did you want them to think or realize after hearing it?

We want people to learn about other cultures. We want them to teach their children. It's hard to ask for one song to do all of these things, but that's the whole point. There's more than one way to live a life, and we shouldn't be allowed to dictate that.



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