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Shining A Spotlight On HOFFEY As He’s Downright “Sick In Love”

In the tropical space of Hawaii, a Pop Duo, Jordan, and Erika created "HOFFEY," and out came an electrifying blend of melody and rhythms that made the very structure of their music. The duo met studying music in Australia, and that same meeting would lead to an exciting musical collab and also a fairytale love story.

After a brief hiatus in 2021, they are back with a terrific upbeat yet mellow record called "Sick In Love." HOFFEY goes global and teams up with Kelland from Canada to create the latest release,

"Sick In Love" This collaboration started in a Hollywood studio and continued in Oahu as Kelland was on vacation HOFFEY joined in his paradise. The energy and flow from different minds and unique experiences infused together produced "Sick In Love," which stands out in the pop and electronic scene.

This electric record and dance anthem take us captive with a retro feel and amazing elements to compliment the vocals. Jordan's vocals are soft and smooth as they create an escape from reality as soon as you hear the record.

"Sick in Love," with its elements of dance-pop and subtle R&B influences, is a summer hit that captures the spirit of both HOFFEY and Kelland. Their continued evolution within the electronic genre, infused with the vibrant energy of summer and the tranquillity of the beach, heralds an exciting future for both HOFFEY and Kelland.

Get your groove on with "Sick In Love" by Kelland and HOFFEY and their latest review and interview here.


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