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Shining A Spotlight On Jennifer Klein And Her Heart Melting Single, “It’s Gonna Be Okay”

Residing in San Diego, singer-songwriter and composer of life experiences Jennifer Klein releases a hopeful single titled "It's Gonna Be Okay."

Her music is described as nourishment of the soul and replenishment of the heart, her broad range and style appeal to many age groups. Starting to create music three years ago, Jennifer Klein has released three full-length albums and is working on her new album. In her latest ventures, she's satisfied us with her latest release, "It's Gonna Be Okay."

This cinematic experience opens up with a guitar and strings, adding her captivating vocals for the best listening experience while mentioning life's trials and tribulations.

In Jennifer Klein's recent interview with BuzzMusic, she breaks down what inspired her to write this beautiful record. "I wrote this song during the COVID lockdown. It was such an uncertain time for everyone, and it was almost as if the song was being sung to me as I wrote it. The words poured out, and I just let them flow. It was a special experience and taught me how to let go more in my songwriting."

She expressed that her songwriting is a very personal process, and her records come from an organic, genuine place that she cannot force. She says how unbelievably satisfying it is to complete a record. "My next single is "All That Mattered" (date TBD). This song was written with a broken heart, and you definitely can hear that. I think this is a song that almost everyone can relate to..."

Catch Jennifer Klein's review and interview on her latest single, "It's Gonna be Okay," here.


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