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Shining A Spotlight On JeremY Caesar And His Latest Release, “Bleed”

JeremY, originally from Birmingham, Alabama, continues to surprise us as he brings us a brand new untamed song, "Bleed."

A man of many talents, JeremY played football throughout high school and used music as his escape from it all. His well-known for blending genres and mixing elements to make things unique. JeremY incorporates genres like hip-hop, punk rock, and pop.

JeremY takes us on his journey with "Bleed," where he delivers strong vocals and fierce melodies and blesses our speakers with the complete package. As we begin he kicks off with dark melodies, hi-hats, and snares, and then continues on to topple our speakers as he roars his bars to emphasize never trusting a soul again.

JeremY's confidence has us in a mood as he continues to give us an epic vocal performance and fire-blazing production to keep us on our feet! His performance style is definitely attention-commanding, and with his new single, he shows exactly what the city's been missing.

Let's dive into JeremY's flaming performance with his hit song "Bleed," full article is available here.


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