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Shining A Spotlight On Katie Belle’s Heartfelt And Compelling Ballad, “Daughter”

Originally gaining fame through her appearance on American Idol Season 16, Katie Bell has paved her own musical journey since, releasing captivating original tracks. Her breathtaking voice stands out above the rest as she consistently showcases her dynamic range, sultry tone, and effortlessly powerful delivery with each new release.

Now, let’s reflect on her recent release, “Daughter.” This piano-driven ballad immediately draws the listener in, infused with heartfelt, sincere emotion and vulnerability. Pop elements mix with slight sprinkles of Belle’s country background, fuse together perfectly to form this moving ballad. Belle’s vocals sore overtop the soothing soundscape, effortlessly captivating the listener over the course of “Daughter,” urging them to focus on the descriptive, emotive lyrics throughout the track.

In her recent interview with BuzzMusic, Katie Belle dove into some of the backstory behind this earnest track. Despite not writing “Daughter” herself, Katie notes that she was immediately entranced by the lyrics. She was able to tap into her own trying experiences within past relationships in order to give the lyrics wings, and we can absolutely hear the raw emotion behind her vocal delivery.

2022 is looking bright for Katie Belle, with a new single entitled “CRAZY” coming out very soon, as well as many more releases to follow. We can’t wait to hear more from this impressive artist.

Check out the full review and interview with the exceptionally talented Katie Belle, here.


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