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Shining A Spotlight On OJ Mountain In His Groovy New Single, “Sweaters”

OJ Mountain has never been one of those artists you can put in a box; the Philadelphia-based rapper and saxophonist refuse to be mundane.

A classic OJ Mountain experience consists of abstract hip-hop, indie rock, jazz, and funk flavors. Of course, matching jumpsuits for him and his band don’t hurt, but his infectious energy and daring vocals are definitely at the center of live show experiences.

OJ Mountain isn’t new to performing. He's already brought his talents to well-known venues such as Milkboy, Kung-Fu-Necktie, and even the historic Middle East Restaurant and Club in Boston.

“Sweaters” is a continuation of the OJ Mountain experience. Alongside short and upbeat instrumentals, OJ’s crisp, precise flow and vocals turn the life story of a sweater into something of the greatest urgency, as only OJ can.

By the time OJ raps the end of the hook, you realize that's somewhere along the line; you find yourself so invested in his storytelling writing. The theme for his music: the energy he puts into songs ultimately leads to a connection to the listener, which is rare these days.

Check out OJ Mountain's full review and interview in his recent hit single "Sweaters" here.

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