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Shining a Spotlight On Rome Logan As He Shows Us What “100 Degrees” Really Means

Hailing from Peoria, Illinois, Rome Logan, the musical genius swiftly became a hit sensation in the R&B scene. Rome is named one of the greats for his triple-threat expertise, such as being a singer, writing his music, and producing it. He masters all sides of his craft and brings experience to his music. As we go on a sonic journey with his latest song, "100 Degrees", the record merges R&B and rap, creating a mixture of the smooth R&B tones and the kick of the added rap. The chorus whispers sweet words into our ears, screaming confidence and flavor.

As we dig deeper into the record, there's a shift change, and his lyrical genius truly shines. His words seem accessible, with the melodies depicting a true love story. He's ready to change her life with charm and bleeding confidence.

This is not just any song, "100 Degrees" is an out-of-body experience ready to grip you from the start to the end. This song is a true testament to Rome Logan's growth as an artist that shows us with each layer comes surprises.

Take a journey with Rome Logan and his marvellous record "100 Degrees" as he joins us for an interview here.


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