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Shining A Spotlight On Staunch Moderates And His Latest Release, “Bigfoots Football”

Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement was founded on the belief that a new ideology was needed to combat the political divide that has taken place over the last few years.

The philosophy is rooted in addressing each other through moderation when confronting political differences. In addition, the movement strives to close the diversity gap and achieve world peace.

They bring our attention to the deep seeded quintessence of Staunch Moderates. Their latest work, "Mission Peace," comes to the foreground. Immersing listeners in the principles, they strive for daily. Tuning into the vibrant energy of "Bigfoots Football," the third song found on "Mission Peace," we're immediately in awe of the old-school hip-hop roots that continue to grow. Percussion hits mesh with bass-heavy rhythm, and the simplicity of the beat allows for such a clean foundation for the crisp vocals to be laid upon. With such a refreshing take, as it's not something you hear much of in today's day and age of modulated vocal interpretations and hyped-up ad-libs. The organic nature of Staunch Moderates has us propelled to a different era where what was important was the words coming out of your mouth. The punchy lyrics have life as they unfold through a storytelling premise. However, staunch Moderates pushes the envelope and encompasses the energy of a sizzling guitar solo to add a little break in the rhymes. "Bigfoots Football" by Staunch Moderates keeps us floating and dancing; find the full review and interview here.



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