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Shining A Spotlight On Taurus 1984 With Their Bold Single, “Rosebud”

Taurus 1984 is a UK-based synth-pop duo that includes songwriter/musician Alastair Jenkins and producer/musician Bobby Cole. Together, they work with a regular roster of artists like Shellyann, Dana Jean Pheonix, Synth Siren, and Karl Lewis, who features on the duo's latest single.

While we get ready for the album release, we groove to Taurus 1984's newest single, "Rosebud," alongside vocalist Karl Lewis. The song is bound to get you on the dancefloor with hands in the air and singing along to the lyrics. That said, the interesting part about the experience is Lewis' cathartic and angsty performance that sings about a past lover swanning the city while he's left bearing the brunt of a broken relationship.

In their exclusive interview with BuzzMusic, Taurus 1984 explains what inspired the song and who. "It is based on a real-life situation that I had conversed about with a dear friend. All of our lyrics are factual and conversational. The song title was influenced by the 1941 masterpiece Citizen Kane, was rather fitting with the lyrical content." They talk about how fun it was directing the music video, shooting the scenes, and adding those vintage styles that make it unique to them.

They noted how excited they are for their fourth album, and it's safe to say we are too! Just like a "Rosebud," we cannot wait to see them bloom.

Check out their full review and interview here.


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