Shining A Spotlight On The Wong Quadruplets and Their Debut Colorful Single, “Summertime”

The Wong Quadruplets are a young band bringing flavourful sounds to our ears. These rising stars are made up of four very talented siblings, which consist of 3 brothers, Mason on drums, Harrison on the keyboard, Alexander on the guitar, and the lead singer sister, Venice. The Wong Quadruplets come together to create blazing music and show off their many talents. Their new release "Summertime" is their first of many as it wows us and gets us onto the dancefloor.

The Wong Quadruplets have recently been on Nickelodeon and "Kids Say The Darndest Things" hosted by the very popular Tiffany Haddish, which is a massive deal for them as it assists in their rising in the industry.

With guitars in the background, you can hear Venice and her beautiful voice swaying through the record bringing us one good time after another. "Summertime" brings us the heat we've been craving all winter long as it has the fun, upbeat and flashy tunes to get us right and ready for "Summertime."

The Wong Quadruplets have created a well-developed hip band to spice up the industry to bring fresh new ideas. They have a long road ahead, as "Summertime" is only the start of their long journey towards fame.

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