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Shining a Spotlight on Vee-Lo As He Soaks Up The Sun In, “I Got Love For Cali”

Los Angeles-based hip-hop recording artist and rapper Vee-Lo pays homage to our motherland in his latest single, "I Got Love For Cali." No stranger to the west, Vee-Lo first got into music as a young teen but kept it on the back burner. Vee-Lo's short stint in college basketball turned into him moving out and going west to LA, where he reintroduced himself to his craft.

In "I Got Love For Cali", - Vee-Lo sings a beautiful tribute to the land of blessings, good times, memories, and musical experiences. This recorded music video depicts the California lifestyle to know and love. Surging into the new track "I Got Love For You Cali," the song sends us off with dreamy guitar samples and chatter about California culture that drops into a bold beaming hip-hop beat. Vee-Lo seems cool, calm, and collected as he sets the tone while listeners can lock in on his dissection of the culture that makes California, California.

Vee-Lo tells us how the song was inspired. He says, "The song was inspired by the positives and negatives of growing up in California. It either makes you or breaks you. In the sense that you can get lost so quickly or you can find your true greatness, I want to show people that it didn't break me, so don't allow it to break you either". If you believe the west coast is the best coast, get down with Vee-Lo and his latest single, "I Got Love For Cali," available here.



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