Sing Along With Angie Lamara as She Sings Her Words of Praise

Angie Lamara has dropped a beautiful new song truly written from the heart, and this one is sure to lift your spirits! Angie is a gospel singer from North Carolina, who uses her music to spread joy and her love for God. She has been singing for the past 20 years and is even the CEO of her own record label G2 Music Group.

In The Hands Of The Carpenter” is Angie Lamara’s new soulful track that will leave you feeling free and empowered after just one listen. Packed with groovy guitar and a head-bopping rhythm, this song cuts through to your heart with its uplifting lyrics about God’s plan and her love for Jesus. Angie Lamara sings about newfound freedom that comes with putting your trust in a higher power and knowing that your life design is going to play out just as it was meant to. She has an incredible range and keeps her voice powerful and expressive with both low and high notes. With the choir harmonies placed in the background, the song gains another piercing layer that adds strength and an element of beauty to her message, as well as compliments her voice. Stay tuned for more heart-touching music like “In The Hands Of The Carpenter” from Angie Lamara.

Listen to “In The Hands Of The Carpenter” by Angie Lamara here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Angie Lamara! Your new song “In The Hands Of The Carpenter” is one that really touches your soul and gets you thinking about what’s most important. What is one thing you hope a new listener takes away from this track?

I hope the takeaway for a new listener is the fact that we're not alone on this journey of life. At any moment our lives can change or be redefined if we're willing to do the work and put our trust in our Creator.

You have been singing the praises of God for 20 years now and using your voice to spread His positive message. How did your upbringing influence the kind of music you write today? Is music something you believe brought you closer to God?

I was raised in a Christian household. My Mom was really big about the church, and religious music, and my Dad was all about R&B. You could say I'm a mix of the two. I always want the music I record to uplift and inspire but to also have a sweet groove and sound that reaches beyond the walls of the church building. My love of music most definitely has drawn me closer in my faith and my walk with God. 

With as much experience as you have making music, how has your musical process evolved since you began writing songs? how do you draw creativity out during times where you may not feel motivated?

I double-majored in college - English, and Communications - so when I first started songwriting/recording, I did everything following the rules of English, and that ended horribly. So once I got out of my own head and just followed my heart and drew upon life experience, lyrics flowed much easier. Plus I'm blessed to have mentors and other artists that can help me when I'm stumped or in a rut. And as I've gotten older, I tend to get more inspired and creative from my everyday interactions with my family and close friends.

It’s quite impressive that you are an aspiring artist and the CEO of the successful label G2 music group. What is one challenge you have had to face to get where you are today?

Being an aspiring artist is a challenge within itself, but I really wanted to try and learn all sides of the music industry, which is what led me to start G2 Music. The most challenging thing is recognizing that you can't make everyone happy. There are things as an artist that I have to do one way but as an Indie label head another way. So sometimes I'm battling myself, but all-in-all it's made me work harder to really develop the skills I currently have and fully recognizing I have a lot more to learn. But I'm really looking forward to this next chapter in my journey.