Sing, sing, sing! Ellison Releases Groovy & Funky Track That'll Get Your Body Moving!

Emerging R&B/Pop artist Ellison is here to debut his latest single "Sing". Coming from Detroit, MI, Ellison is the type of artist who blends early 00s R&B with more appeasing contemporary pop soundings. As a prominent guitarist, Ellison is already well known within the music scene itself, winning multiple different awards for his musical efforts. The kind of sound Ellison produces can be described as jubilant, full of chaotic and vibrant energy. Features like these are so heavily observable in Ellison's latest track "Sing", where he goes on a whole adventure with listeners, stimulating a positive and constructive environment for listeners to enjoy.

"Sing" truly makes us feel better about the day. The track is an easy one to get along with, especially if you're ever in need of a mini-mental boost. That's one of our favorite aspects of Ellison and the music he's able to produce. He's bringing about a style that encourages pure-hearted energy in the most simplified and uncomplicated way. We know he's been gaining a surplus of attention lately, and it's completely understandable as to why. Ellison is the pinnacle of good vibes, and can turn our entire mood around within 2 minutes and 51 seconds in "Sing". Another ironic part to the name, Ellison's "Sing" is incredibly easy to sing along to once you get the hook down, bringing even more of a rushing sensation to your listening experience. We suggest you check out "Sing" if you're in need of that prominent mental boost and rejuvenation!

You can find "Sing" by Ellison here.


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