Singer Danny Fitch Represents Versatility to Its Fullest Extent

Danny Flitch is a singer and songwriter, that's bringing a refreshing touch of retro-soul to the indie-rock genre with his debut EP “Future Self”. He’s an artist, who's been steeped in coastal vibes and accented with rich horns. His track “Before I Leave You” invites you to sit shotgun as flitch takes a nostalgic road trip up the coast.

Danny's vocal style is unmatched! I mean, it’s quite difficult to compare yourself to Danny Flitch as he undoubtedly stands in his own lane. However, his vocal and melodic style nods to the classic soul and R&B sound of the 1960s and 70s. Artfully combining this with the acoustic folk sound of the same era, alongside some contemporary greats like Adam Levine, John Mayer, and more, Danny Flitch has curated an authentic style of his own. Danny Flitch is an intricate artist, whose sound you won't find on your everyday playlist, so you really need to check him out! He recently premiered an amazing video on the 6th of November. He has all the great traits that a striving newcomer must be equipped with in order to succeed and we’re abundantly excited to see what’s next for him. Give a listen to "Before I Leave You" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Danny Fitch! What ultimately gave you the motivation to pursue music and why?

My first job out of college was teaching music at a Preschool in Los Angeles. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life but knew that I loved playing guitar and I loved singing. Teaching music forced a guitar into my hands every day which led to me buying my first electric guitar, which led to greater confidence, which led to me starting a cover band, which led to me writing better and better songs. Then earlier this year, I released my debut EP of original tunes and have been writing ever since. 

Can you describe to our readers your creative process? How do you manage to make the perfect song?

It’s different with every song. Some songs start with guitar chords, which I’ll loop and sing various melody lines. That first day, I’ll sit there and sing for 5-10 minutes of melody ideas, etc singing gibberish nonsense. I’ll then listen to them in the car throughout the day and pick out the lines that connect to me. Then it’s all about just sitting down and finishing the tune. Keeping that balance between emotionally connecting to it without making it too precious which results in fear and ultimately not finishing the tune.

What’s been the most monumental single of your “Future Self” and why?

'Make Me Wait’ is the song that brings me the most joy (Marie Kondo style). It’s just got a bouncy vibey feel to it that reminds me of road trips up the coast. Windows down, joint in hand, sun shining, just vibing. It’s also been the best received and my most popular tune so that doesn’t hurt either. 

Can you recall some challenges you may have faced as an artist and in what ways have you overcame these obstacles?

Finding one specific ’sound’ is something that I continue to struggle with. The industry wants to put you in a box that it can package all neatly and sell, whereas I find myself gravitating towards many different genres and styles of music. It’s that elusive life long search for something that's truly authentic and new and bold all at the same time. How I overcome this is by just keeping at it and trusting that with time, it will all come together. 

How would you describe your songwriting approach Danny Fitch?

I write very playfully. I love singing gibberish. I love finding funky lines and grooves that bring on 'the feels'. I love starting with one small idea and going down the rabbit hole to discover what the song is trying to say to me. I love collaborating with other artists to hear what they have to say. 

Can you hint to us of the music you may release in 2020?

I’ve got some classic singer-songwriter love songs that are coming out in 2020 and on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I’ve been gravitating towards much funkier dance beats while messing around with the Boss RC-505 loop station for live looping performances. Check out my Instagram: @Danny_Fitch to see my progression and continued pursuit of vibes and grooves.