Singer/Songwriter Sheridan Reed Releases His Single “Coffee” And We’re Brewing Up A Cup

Hailing from Austin Texas, independent singer/songwriter Sheridan Reed is back with another gripping single “Coffee”. With the release of two prior singles, Sheridan Reed shared his groovy pop melodies with the public after his first major US tour in 2018. All while being asked to perform as an official artist at Austin’s (now canceled) South by Southwest Festival. His latest hit “Coffee” brings powerful vocals supporting his clever lyricism, all while balancing out the song sonically by incorporating a variety of incredibly blended and harmonious instrumentation. Clearly using his platform as an artist to portray his message of independence and self-worth, Sheridan Reed has thoroughly grasped the essence of meaningful songwriting and continues to elevate his sound day by day.

The groovy single “Coffee” begins with a tight rhythm guitar melody and Sheridan Reed’s effortless and dynamic vocals. With muffled ghost voices in the background and a hard-hitting kick, he’s added a unique texture to the song and provided concepts to play out in the listeners' mind. As the chorus approaches, a variety of percussion patterns are met with supporting acoustic strings creating a cohesive and incredibly danceable mix of sound. With cleverly-written lyrics like “Is my coffee bitter or my tongue too sweet? My whiskey too strong or am I just too weak?” Sheridan Reed’s single “Coffee” is a well-rounded expressive piece of music and we’re only excited for his upcoming releases.

Listen to the new single "Coffee" by Sheridan Reed, here.