Singer/Songwriter Tyler Boone Releases Live Paste Magazine Studio Sessions with Finnegan Bell

Tyler Boone is the captivating Artist poised at becoming our next beloved Blues and Alt-Rock amalgamator.

The Charleston-raised songster has been release music independently since 2012 when he first blessed the niche club-rock scene in the Lowcountry bars of South Carolina. After a few years of self-development, Tyler rocketed to notoriety when he secured a Taylor Guitars endorsement during his nation-wide musical adventures, which saw the Americana enthusiast scintillating over his newly endowed sonic tool-kit with unrivaled affluence.

Not long afterward, he maneuvered his way into Spotify playlists worldwide and eventually became sought after as a collaborator for legends like Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers, and Sublime with Rome; inevitably sharing the same stage as these Musical notorieties on tours across the States. 

These escapades have garnished his repute with an immediate association with Americana-blues music renown. Now, with his co-founded Record label—Artist Formula—Tyler Boone is working closely with Atlanta's Paste Studios for a feature on Paste Magazine, where he renders some of his infatuating tonalities in real-time, with a video feature of two of his most treasured songs.

On the first featurette, "Paper Wings," Tyler Boone stands center stage, embracing the rich tone of two other acoustic guitars played by his supporting bandmates on either side. The string-trio mingles together to festoon Tyler's buzzing voice as he swells over his effervescent rasp. The accompanying band harmonize in unison and punctuate the last halves of Tyler's carbonated melody as each verse glides by. Halfway through, the rousing experience gains a whiff of kinetic energy in the form of an acoustic guitar solo. And as the riffled strings take this soothing endeavor back to into homeostasis, Tyler Boone's resounds once more in his tightly hugging top-line, "You took it all, except your little, paper wings!"

"Next Life" arrives subsequent on the infatuating cut from the Paste Studio in downtown Atlanta. Here, Tyler and his musical confidants take it down a notch, simmering over their enveloping hymn-like incantations as they festoon the hook with a prismatic radiance. The acoustics here take on a more rhythmic approach, striking fervently against the strings to produce a disguising downbeat for the trio to spring off of. It feels like two worlds weaving into one another. The verses are a soft-intoned versification about love and longing, and the choruses are an anthemic uproar that finds all three of our highlighted musicians buzzing over their synergistic harmonies. 

There's no doubt Tyler Boone has something to offer any listener when it comes to Blues and Americana amalgamating Music. And with his feature for Paste Magazine, the South Carolina-native renders a performance that echoes confidence and passion—leaving behind an unmistakeable after-glow.

Can you run us through your choice of songs for your Paste Magazine Session? 

Paste Magazine is a top tier songwriting showcase and if you're invited to do an event like this, you need to learn more on the songwriter, Americana side, etc...we chose "Paper Wings" and "Next Life" as there is a lot of room for harmonies and major guitar run lines in between the vocals.

Who were the two gentlemen supporting you on the acoustic guitars during the performance?

My dear friends Shane Williams & Warren Bazemore of Finnegan Bell! We have collaborated a lot with one another and a Paste Magazine session only made sense if they were apart of it. We've recorded a lot in the past, I love those sessions, they both teach you something each time, whether it is a life lesson in the music industry or a shot of Jameson :)

Now that you've checked off a feature on Paste Magazine, what's in store next?

The next plan for me personally is sitting down and writing a full record. I just moved out to Altadena from Hollywood and feel truly inspired out here. It's just far enough to get away from the city and focus on creating art.

What has been keeping you inspired through 2020?

When the world ended this only had two accept it or to work harder than ever to get through it. The desire to get to the other side was a huge inspiration and in a small sense, I am grateful for it. Can't wait to start this new record.

Any new releases before 2021?

Yes, one more remix before the end of the year and it's straight writing mode.

Stream the session here.