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Siranush Wants You to Thrive in the Moments That Make Up the Journey

Moving overseas to pursue her dream of a music career in LA, Russian singer-songwriter Siranush has a goal of creating music and sharing it with the whole world.

Also being a music producer, she aims to make her songs sound unique and mysterious as she combines Pop with hues of Middle Eastern sounds that reflect her Armenian roots.

The buoyantly spirited likes of her latest Pop single “Bleeding Alone,” portray's an atmosphere of ominous tenors as the dazzling brilliance of effervescence shines right through the composition. Depicting a narrative of her personal struggles throughout difficult moments in life, this therapeutic dreamscape pulls you into its entrancing embrace as you become hooked on every word that Siranush performs.

Projecting her inimitable croons from a place of passion, you hear just how strongly she feels about her journey through the lyrical motifs intricately cascading upon the musical bed of intimacy. Siranush's carefully selected words emphasize the fact that every experience, good or bad, makes you that much stronger and that much wiser.

What we admire the most about “Bleeding Alone,” is the unique tone that Siranush carries with her that makes her striking vocals come from a place of ease and certainty. Breaking through barriers of growth, and the time that you need to spend being uncomfortable to see progress, Siranush is a prime example of what it looks like to take a chance on yourself. Absorbed in the atmospheric whim of how “Bleeding Alone” unfolds, Siranush has us exactly where we need to be in order to grasp the ultimate vision.

Hello Siranush, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Bleeding Alone.” You perform from a place of strength, and we truly admire the passion that is put into your craft. Was there a particular moment in your journey that made you want to bring this song to the ears of the public?

The music that I create has always been special for me. Most of my lyrics are meaningful and relevant for a certain period of my life. This song, as every other song, came to me very unexpectedly, and I just wrote fast everything that I felt at that moment. I never share my true feelings with other people, but I do it through my songs. However, after releasing this song, I still can’t talk about it because it feels weird to open up my heart and expose myself to others. My journey here in America is a huge rollercoaster and absolutely a new experience with good and bad sides. But I’m grateful for everything that I have now. At the end of the day, this song wouldn’t exist if I didn’t feel pain in my life.

How have you noticed your creative process change since moving to LA? Do you find that you’re inspired by different things now that your environment has changed?

Absolutely. First of all, I couldn’t produce and record music. I studied music production here and finally, made and released my first song a year ago here, in LA. I was dreaming about it my whole life. My life completely changed after moving to the US. Before I was dreaming and now, I’m working hard for this dream to come true. Honestly, anything can inspire me. But most of all, it’s my dreams that always light me up and push me forward.

What’s your favorite lyric in “Bleeding Alone?" Could you please take us into why it holds such great significance to you?

I’m not gonna lie, I love all lyrics of this song cause they’re true and honest. I felt exactly the same as I describe in the song. I’m alone in a foreign country, striving to achieve my dream. I wanna get there, I face so many challenges and I feel like I can’t go and I’m bleeding alone. No one can help, but I never give up cause my desire is so big and powerful. And I think that’s why I’m here and I believe that everything comes at its right time. Who would have imagined that an Armenian girl from Russia would come to LA to start a music career? It sounds insane but I don’t have any boundaries, I create my reality.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you ensure that’s projected in everything that you do?

My statement is to never stop dreaming big. People are capable of everything they put their minds to. Come on, Elon Musk is dreaming about Mars and he’s doing everything for that then why can’t you live your dream life? And with my experience, I wanna show people that everything is possible. Your thoughts and actions are crucial. Don’t limit yourself, the world is yours! You have a right to live where you want and choose the lifestyle you want. Eventually, we live only once, and I don’t wanna regret something that I wanted so much but was scared to do.

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