Sit Back and Take in the Raw Alternative/Rock Experience From Little Homies

Hailing from Hollywood, CA, Little Homies are emphasizing the raw elements of music to their listeners--the instrumentals. As musicians, Little Homies combine their artistic abilities in order to produce progressive soundings. The duo has recently released their album "Thankyou", which highlights contemporary rock elements in a whole new way.

Little Homies know how to capture listeners right from the start with their robust and unique tempo. They playfully create alternative and indie soundings with a combination of guitar rhythms and striking drum appearances. "Flan" is the first record off of "Thankyou". This specific track really set the mood of the album, and the exact sort of artistry we could expect listening further in. Little Homies maintained electric energy all throughout the track, which didn't waiver at any moment. Their consistency with keeping that eclectic and expressive guitar sounding was the highlight of "Flan". 

As we delve more into the soundings on "Thankyou", we reach the second track "Neo American". This record has a particularly fearless and vigorous element to it. Little Homie's enthusiasm for their intense and bustling sound is quite apparent within this track. Their piercing passion can be felt immensely--it's hard to find any imperfections with the craft in this one. The instrumentals set a compelling and gritty ambiance. Taking a moment to sit back and soak in the potency of "Neo American" is an extremely vivid experience, and such an experience we highly recommend to alternative rock fans. With most rock/alternative tracks today, we're used to hearing these insane instrumentals in conjunction with vocals. Little Homies transcends the listener's experience in "Neo American" because they put the spotlight on the instrumental aspect of rock. "Neo American" is hands down our favorite track from "Thankyou". 

We're soonly introduced to "Porter", Little Homie's third track from their recently released album. Encapsulating a dynamic vocal effect, "Porter" showcases a sounding we haven't heard in the album, up until this point. It's easy to hear the passion and vehemence in their voices. Their sound is a thrilling and stimulating experience--we're extremely obsessed with their ability to produce records that contain the best aspects of alternative/rock music. They allow listeners to appreciate such intimate aspects of the genre by spotlighting certain elements in each track on "Thankyou". "You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth" ends off their lively album, and adds more to that entertaining atmosphere they've created thus far. We receive fervent soundings as a result of the drums, and the heavy appearance it makes throughout this track. Little Homie prioritizes the listener's experience, as the craft, they put into "Thankyou" is an incredibly memorable experience for listeners. 

Listen to "Thankyou" here.

It's great to have you guys on BuzzMusic! Can you describe to us the ultimate goal little Homie's had going into the production of "Thankyou"?

Mario: The ultimate goal that I had was to release a record that I was proud of and something that illustrated our diversity. Since it was just Albert and me doing everything, I wanted to create the Little Homies record we've always wanted for the fans as well as for ourselves. 

Albert: We had lost our bassist and vocalist, so we felt as though the band was falling apart. So what we really wanted to do going into this was to make a short and sweet album for our fans as a Thank You for their continued support. 

What record off of "Thankyou" was a personal favorite of yours? What does this track express in comparison to the others?

Mario: It's so hard to pick one because I love them all, but if I had to choose it would be a porter. Marcelo did such an amazing job on vocals and dominated the theme I wanted him to write about. The final version of the song that was released on the record is something I'm very proud of. I've always wanted a Little Homies song to sound like this, I'm super stoked on it. 

Albert: Porter. and Flan is my favorites. I like Porter. because, not only does it showcase the amazing work our friend Marcelo contributed, it projects a lovely gradual warmth and stillness that you can dive into, and Flan just makes me happy. 

What steps do you take in order to ensure your music is as authentic as it can be?

Mario: Watching films and listening to my favorite drummers is a step I definitely take when it comes to getting inspired for writing new music. I don't think about it, to be honest. I don't listen to radio music or whats considered "popular", so I just focus on writing what makes me happy. 

Albert: I use the past, present, and future to celebrate life and make sure we're taking our vitamins every day :)

How does Little Homies gain a vision for the type of blended soundings found predominantly throughout "Thankyou"?

Mario: A good friend of mine named Will said it best:

"Walk in shadow, move in silence

Guard against extra-terrestrial violence

But yo we ain't on no government list

We straight don't exist, no names and no fingerprints". That was how I gained my vision. 

Albert: We lost some members and it sparked some creativity. We also smoked a ton of cannabis. 

Thanks, Little Homies for allowing our readers to get a better sense of who you are as an artist! What do you hope to accomplish next within the music world? 

Mario: Making more records, collaboration with more artists, and playing tons of shows. 

Albert: Perform more and continue writing new material.