Sit Back and Unwind with Hip/Hop Artist Keysh's Latest Track, "Hallow Body's"

Keyshaun Dudley, known artistically as Keysh, always found himself captivated by the music and the various productions that could stimulate such emotions in listeners. Alongside Keysh's innate passion and love for sound eventually came his motivation to pursue the music scene himself, and today he proves to be a rapper with an ear for aesthetically-sounding music.

As an Oklahoma artist, Keysh is all about extending his sound and advancing within the music industry, and with his latest release, we definitely find him a step closer to doing so! 

There's definitely an audible low-key vibe to Keysh's latest track, "Hallow Body's". Listening to the track through its entirety, we hear many influences stemming from the style Keysh has, such as Kendrick Lamar's vocalism tied to a J.Cole production.

The overall effect sets up quite the ambiance, and it's definitely a late-night, chilled-out type of track. Keysh is very organized with his wordplay and executes each verse with confidence and resilience. Ultimately, "Hallow Body's" housed an attractive sound, and the song easily drew us in from the start.

"Hallow Body" stimulates a multitude of senses, and Keysh knew the right way to captivate listeners with a lo-fi production attached to his charming way of expressing his inner thoughts. 

"Hallow Body's" had a productional sound that was incredibly easy to vibe along to. How do you go about the process of choosing the production for the track and to ensure that it matches the right kind of atmosphere you're trying to get your listeners to experience?

Well, when I'm making my tracks I try to be as creative as possible so that my listeners can hear all types of sounds and feel the energy that I'm putting out. I try to put the audience in my mind when they hear these songs.

What would you say was the main takeaway from "Hallow Body's" that you hoped listeners extracted from the track?

The vibe I want the listeners to take from this is just to be at peace and be in the moment as you deconstruct the sounds, words, and melodies that you hear.

As a young music artist, are there any challenges you've experienced thus far that ended up propelling your career?

I can say the biggest challenge for me was learning how to Mix & Master/Engineer all on my own, it took a lot of hard work to perfect my sound but even to this day, I'm still learning!

Where do you see yourself music-wise within the next few months?

I see myself still learning and growing my fan base in the future with my music growing as well. I hope to have lots of new people on this journey with me to be the great artist that I want to be.

2020 has been a challenging year. What have you been doing to stay inspired?

Meditating every day, being in my own world, and just staying positive and never letting the outside world get me down.