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SJUR and Lovespeake Drop a Fiery Future Bass Anthem With, "Me In The Middle"

Born and raised in the small Norwegian town of Sandane, the electronic artist and producer SJUR teams up with Lovespeake to release their exhilarating future bass banger entitled, "Me In The Middle."

After moving to Bergen at the age of 19 to study computer science at university, SJUR found himself in the midst of a musical wake-up call, as he was surrounded by nightclubs and electronic music that fueled his fire. Fast forward a few years, and SJUR has become one of the most versatile and popular independent electronic acts of our time.

Recently dropping his collaboration with Lovespeake for their single, "Me In The Middle," SJUR takes us through a sweet sonic ride with the song's future bass feel and Lovespeake's powerhouse vocals. While Lovespeake sings incredibly empowering lyricism, SJUR backs him up with the utmost intricate production that brings us back into the fiery festival nights.

Lovespeake opens "Me In The Middle" with his powerful and bright vocal portrayal, singing of preparing for his abundant future by paying his deeds to his past mistakes. As he turns towards the pre-chorus, SJUR backs him up with incredibly luminous production that shines through with gut-wrenching drum patterns while preparing us for the hefty beat drop.

Reaching the drop, SJUR pushes through incredibly melodic synths and snappy drum patterns, giving us a magnetic blend of pop and electronic. Lovespeake continues singing with his fiery vocal abilities while SJUR backs him up with each thorough and atmospheric future bass feel, ending the song off on a bright and inspiring note.

Experience the raw talent of SJUR's textured and upbeat production within "Me In The Middle," and allow Lovespeake to serenade you alongside the blistering sonic atmosphere.

We're vibing away with the anthemic feel and production of your single, "Me In The Middle." What inspired you to create this uplifting and empowering piece? I´m glad you like the vibe of it! It started with an uplifting vocal demo from Lovespeake and Jesper Borgen with the chorus already in place. We sat a session and wrote around that. I think we all need a little motivation in these times, and I feel this track really does that. What was your collaboration like with Lovespeake for your single, "Me In The Middle"? Did he handle his songwriting, or did you work on this process together?

I´ve been working with Lovespeake on songwriting camps through Sony before, and we always get a great result in our sessions. He handles most of the songwriting, but I always get a sentence or word in there. Jesper also did a bit of songwriting and the mixdown for this track. Could you take us through your sonic creative process for "Me In The Middle"? How did you want your audience to feel after experiencing such potent and gripping production?

We had a session right before the pandemic to set the foundation for the track, but after that we worked over Teams and Zoom to get the finished result. I hope people listen to the track when they are trying to achieve a milestone in their life. Whatever it is. If they are working out, studying for school, work, etc. Use it to get that extra energy to reach their goal. How did you come up with your artist name, SJUR?

It is actually my first name. A good old Norwegian name. Should we expect your forthcoming releases to reside under the future bass sound? Or do you plan on experimenting with more powerful electronic sub-genres?

I´m not sure yet. I have tracks in many different genres but might go for a house-sounding track before the summer.



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