“Skin To Skin” By Nimo & The Light Is Everything We Want From A Chill Indie Rock Track

Formed in 2013, Nimo & The Light is comprised of Nimo Kally, Brian Karp, Glenn Grossman, Diana Hickman , and Lucas Shine. With a dedication and passion for their musical stylings, they spread their message of universal connectivity. They take inspiration from musical greats such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Radiohead and Depeche Mode. Nimo & The Light bring years of  experience to create a sound that demands to be heard.

Laced with elements of indie-rock and ambient guitar riffs, “Skin To Skin” will take you on a musical journey, allowing your mind to escape to the smooth rock styling of Nimo & The Light. Overall “Skin To SKin” exudes an addicting rock vibe that makes you want to roll all the windows down and belt out every word. Striving to spread the message of universal connectivity, “Skin To Skin” is a song that anyone can relate to. I love that it can be interpreted in different ways depending on how you’re feeling. I highly recommend you check out this hard-hitting track and Nimo & The Light’s newest album “Don’t Feed The Pigeons” out now! 

Check out “Skin To Skin” here and keep scrolling for out interview with Nimo & The Light.

Hey guys! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by telling us more about how Nimo & The Light came to fruition?

I (Nimo Kally) formed the band in 2013, right after releasing my EP “Espresso River”. I was looking for a band that can interpret my song ideas in the most authentic and inspiring way. So I gathered prolific musician friends from New York and after playing extensively in the Tri-borough area, we decided to record a full length album

What’s the meaning behind the stage name?

After releasing my solo EP and playing solo & acoustic shows, I was looking to form a band that will be more inclusive of the musicians that were part of it, and Nimo & The Light refers to a spiritual and lit entity that carries my vision in the most inspiring way .

We love your track “Skin To Skin”! What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

This track is the first single / video from the album. It’s a song about a forbidden love affair between a high class lady and her bodyguard. I hope the song will inspire listeners to go into an introspective search and choose to abandon numbing and not so healthy situations they’re not happy about anymore, and make their choices based more on intuition, and passion rather then comfort or social expectation. 

What’s the overall theme of your new album “Don’t Feed The Pigeons”?

I’d say the overall theme would suggest an “introspective view on life”. an eye opening journey into one’s habits, choices and conflicts on a personal and international level .

What’s your writing process like as a group?

On most of the songs on the album, the process included me writing the songs in my bedroom or my subway rides, and bringing them to a rehearsal, where we start to mold the raw material into a structured indie rock format to fit the vision. Then, as a producer, I would work with the musicians in the recording studio to create the parts in accordance with my vision.


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