SLiM D Shakin' Up the Scene with Latest Smash Hit "Everday Hustle"

SLiM D is a DMV Metro-born, New Jersey-based newcomer who scintillates over his proficient wordplay with a veteran Emcee's creative affluence.

The sound and aesthetic he presents on his Hip-Hop cuts have been branded as "extraordinary" and described as "a breath of fresh air," compared to the shapeless music making its way throughout the industry. This distinguishing factor makes the budding rapper a lyrical architect to keep a close eye on.

Debuting in 2018, the rap intoner finds his niche through inventive wordplay and an intoxicating sense of measure over the nostalgic beats he coalesces. With a well-received Extended Play—'Positively Jiggy'—already under his belt after seemingly bursting into the music scene, SLiM D endeavors to resume his relentless trajectory upward, with his latest nostalgia rousing hip-hop single, "Everyday Hustle."

A life of ease is a difficult pursuit. That's precisely the viewpoint that SLIiM D surmises on "Everday Hustle." Here, the DMV-hailing Emcee taps into his clandestine ancestors of hip-hop and emulsifies all the best parts of the Golden Era of the '90s into a concise and captivating laid-back classic, describing the everyday hustle SLiM abides by. He doesn't brag or boast about it, not entirely at least.

As the track drives on, the introspective Emcee reveals his approach over his call-back inducing hook, "It's just another day, same old hustle, I'm tryna find a way grow a new muscle, only going hard for the ones who love me, and only God above me." He understands his purpose and the fervency he has to maintain in his hustle, as he looks above for reassurance, and all around him for a collective likeness of hard-working individuals to include into his clique.

SLiM D finds a salacious way of incorporating a production beat that draws influence from the minimalistic, but alluring nature of past hip-hop stardom, and on "Everday Hustle," he completely transforms that influence into something of his own solution—and we simply can't get enough of it.

Can you tell us about some of the Milestones in your career you're proud of having accomplished, and what is next to conquer on your achievements list this year?

I’d say a few milestones I’ve had are having one of my songs “Velocity” played on one of the biggest radio stations in the DMV 93.9wkys was a surreal feeling but it only made me want to go that much harder. Another little milestone was discovering my international fan base in Canada, London, and Germany, and connecting with them. Because that’s what it’s really about, it kind of lets you know you’re on the right path when people from other countries & national elites enjoy respect & really resonate with your music. 

What sparked your migration for Washington to New York, and do you think this move has helped influence the style and aesthetic you present in your music?

I moved from the DMV to New Jersey for various reasons. Honestly, it was time for a fresh start. I went to high school and college out there and felt my music wasn’t going to be appreciated as much out there because my sound wasn’t the typical DMV sound. Also on Spotify and Apple Music, it showed me the top city spinning my music faithfully every day was New York. So I moved here to find that fan base & also expand it with adding New Jersey to the list. I don’t think my style of music has been influenced by the move because I don’t base my sound on my surroundings it’s literally, however, I’m feeling at the moment which ultimately creates my sound, I pride myself on being unique and a fresh of breath air for the music industry.

How do you get over a writer's block, and what sorts of rituals do you abide by to get into your creative zone when hunkering down for a recording session?

So with writer's block, it’s funny because I believe that’s a myth we come up with when we don’t want to think hard enough. But that inspirational spark is a real thing also, it comes and goes, so when you get that spark you got to go with it ASAP, it doesn’t last long when I get that spark I sort of zone out, seems like someone else writing for me! But honestly, before all that I just relax sometimes meditate and throw a beat on & just think of the first thing that comes to my head when I hear it, like how did the beat make me feel what was the vibe, or if I had a specific topic in mind already I’d expand on that. I don’t have a specific ritual per se going to the studio. But definitely have to be well-rested & energized along with having eaten well before because everything is from the diaphragm can’t make classics on an empty stomach. 

What can we expect from you for the end of 2020, and what are you most excited about for 2021 concerning your artistic career?

What can you expect from me in for the rest of the year? Shit a whole lot more music & visuals to cap the year off along with a possible tape coming since it’s been almost 2 years since I dropped my first tape and most excited for in 2021? Hopefully, we get back to regular shows/performances! I was on a roll for a bit with the shows so I’d love to get back out there and also opportunities I feel like 20201 will be the year we all thought 2020 would be. Great things in store.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

What’s kept me inspired this year is actually all the craziness going on, it’s like you never know when it’ll be over or when your time will be, so why not go as hard as possible while you can. Because when it’s all said you wanna have no regrets or what if moments, you wanna leave your mark on this world. That’s why makes me go hard every day.