Smells Like The 90s: “I Want To Know” By Prince Of Lilies

Do you miss the grungy 90s? Well, look no further. The band Prince Of Lilies has got you covered. Bringing you their freshest dose of grunge, punk, and garage rock all mixed into one, Prince Of Lilies' debut EP "The Year I Broke" is downright badass. The band has resurrected the spirit of the Seattle sound and their music is living proof. Focusing on the rawness of their instruments and four-chord bangers, Prince Of Lilies is made up of lead singer and guitarist Pyn Doll, bassist IQueen, and drummer Kyle Brian. Since it's clear that they're on the attack and they're ready to explode, we were so stoked to get the chance to check out their song "I Want To Know" from the EP. Recorded in Chicago by "Nirvana noise-guru" Steve Albini, "I Want To Know" gives the listener a mouthful of Prince Of Lilies' kick-ass attitude. Right off the bat, we're introduced to the track by Pyn's vocals, the tight beat, and creeping bass. The sounds are clean and mesh so well together as they emit that sweaty garage rock vibe. The way Pyn drops into the chorus with his screamed vocals is effortless. He easily belts out his lines in the grungiest manner. As the band descends into rebellion, we're surrounded by the gnarly noises of the guitar. The hard, slurring chords took us for a crazy ride and it only gets louder at the end. Seeing them live would be absolute madness and we're all for it. (Luckily for those of you in Los Angeles, Prince of Lilies will be having multiple shows at The Redwood Bar in November!) The band's dedication to punk rock is so earnest and they really deserve all the praise! Please check them out and support the grunge revival!

Listen to "I Want To Know" here

Hey, Prince Of Lilies! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Seeing as you all have been in the music scene as parts of other bands, how did Prince Of Lilies form?

Our previous band was personally signed by Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead and we played 900 headlining shows in 25 countries in only 7 years, but we were in a rut and needed a big musical change. We formed PoL because we had new music that needed to be expressed, and it had to be louder than lust. We could have just kept our previous band going, but we wanted to strip down our sound to the bare basics and present ourselves just as we are. 

How did you decide on your sound as a band?

When you record with Steve Albini who did albums by Nirvana, Pixies, Iggy Pop and The Stooges, you just have to be honest with yourself and the music you write. Steve captures bands only on analog tape and we recorded everything all live and in one take. No digital wizardry, effects, autotune, or ProTools. We recorded 28 songs in 2 days...and all 28 songs were mixed by him in another two days. That’s how records are made when bands are pure. It’s just harmonious reality. 

We love your new single! What was the creation process like for "I Want To Know"? Was it something that happened naturally or was it carefully pieced together?

During our session with Albini, we wrote 4 songs on the spot. Inspiration can come out of nowhere, ya know? “I Want To Know” was written on the spot and it just “happened” at the moment. I went into the studio full of depression and I was really messed up, but when these songs unfolded, I released a lot of pent up anger and hidden emotions, and it healed me instantly. That track gave me the much-needed excitement I needed and a new outlook on life itself.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

That even during the darkest hours of light, inspiration can come and open a new window for you to crawl out of and to start living again. Never give up or give in to anyone or anything: you have power and light inside you. 

Thank you so much, Prince Of Lilies! What can fans expect from you in the upcoming year?

We’re looking for a label to release our full-length debut album and to start touring again. We want to rock and roll to go back to its roots and be real just like all the people out there. It’s been 30 years since Nirvana released “Bleach”, don’t you think it’s time to face the music, take off the mask, and be yourself again?