Snake and the Rabbit Continue to Show Off Their Forward Music Style

Snake and the Rabbit are back, and this time, they're back with just as much allure and wholesomeness. Snake and the Rabbit consist of husband-and-wife Brett and Leanna, and they're hands down the duo that perfectly embodies both intimacy and fluid melodies into their music. Their delivery is organic and oozes harmonic embraces, making their music feel authentically sentimental. There's never a lack of depth with Snake and the Rabbit--you can peel the duo back layer by layer, and you'll only continue to unveil flourishing components they have to offer.

Snake and the Rabbit also offer a bit of spontaneity within their sound. They interlace hauntingly harmonic appeals with a smooth, yet gritty guitar presence. When taking into account the strong production, backed by an even stronger vocal presence, Snake and the Rabbit's sound start to become quite elucidating. The duo harnesses their energy naturally and is fluid with how they go about writing and recording their music. Snake and the Rabbit are all about letting the rhythm and sound flow into them, and crafting soundscapes based on what seems right in the moment. This aspect of their musical personas makes us excited for their future work because we can only imagine the inspiring messages and perspectives they'll unleash onto listeners next.